Living with a food addict

  • Kree - congrats for your hubby on his progress so far!!  love it!

    I love variety in knitting.  I like to try almost everythng at least once.  I rarely make the same item twice.  I bought a book with tons of different stitch patterns and set out to do a square of each pattern and make an afghan out of it.  that was a lot of fun, but then wanted to work on different projects so I connected my squares together to make an afghan 'scarf' instead!  I've done cabling, double-sided, gloves, socks, intarsia, fair-isle.  I've been working on my first official sweater since a year ago.

    It's funny.  I've always known that knitting could distract me from eating.  Yet for months and months b4 I started my recent challenge, I was in some self-destructive rut.  I would look forward to knitting every evening after supper.  But then I would start to have a snack and another snack, and b4 I knew it I was asleep and didn't get any knitting done.  that went on for quite awhile until I got disciplined to finally start bfl.  It's amazing what goals, discipline, and a deadline can do for you!

  • Goals and a deadline are the key ingredients to anything I think.  You work out what you want and when you want it by then you can plan how you will get there.

    Unfortunately, hubby fell off the wagon yesterday at lunch time and it's really my fault.  I'd bought a pack of twisties while I was craving them and even though I wasn't craving them anymore I still ate them while hubby was out but he arrived home earlier than expected and that was the end of that.  But I'm hoping that the blowout (which would have been free day anyway) will kick-start his metabolism and he'll stick make weight for work on Thursday.

    Wish him luck everyone!

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • I love knitting stuff for my little girl and her dolls/ teddy bear.  I even made up my own little pattern for a cardigan for one of her dolls because I couldn't find anything that would fit that particular doll.

    I bought a pattern for a doll outfit with a fair-isle pattern (design by a Swedish lady) so I did my first ever fair-isle pattern.  It turned out a little tight but I'm looking forward to trying another one soon (except that it's done with tiny needles and lots of stitches - takes almost as long to knit as something I might make for myself!)

    I've also decided against using acrylic yarn ever again.  It's nasty stuff.  You get what you pay for.  Soy yarn is sooooo soft and silky.

    This is soooo off the topic, but it's nice to see others who have similar interests.

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!