Christmas Day

  • Hi BFL'ers!  I'm just interested to see what others have planned for Christmas Day (less than a month to go !!!!!!!)  Christmas day is going to be our free day but I wanted to keep it reasonably healthy noting that I personally will still be watching my portion control so that I don't go to bed feeling disgusting.

    My personal plan (which everyone coming is really excited about) is as follows:

    * I dare say Miss4 is going to be up before the sparrows fart to open presents.  Cleaning up will mean some un-weighted dead lifts so I'm volunteering for that.

    * Fruit platter and yoghurt for breakfast

    * Church  - it will be a short service with no morning tea

    *  Morning tea will probably be a prawn cocktail but as I don't eat prawns (horrible little stinky things), I'll probably just have a protein shake.

    * Lunch will be ham and green salad followed by pavlova (for me it will be fruitcake coz once again, I have to be different to everyone else)

    * Afternoon tea will be coffee and gingerbread house (I love to bake....) and a big bowl of cherries on the table.

    * Dinner is going to be creamy sundried tomato and choritzo pasta with leftover salad.  

    So the night before all I have to do is to get the stinky prawn coctails ready, make the salad and fruit platter (unlike last year when I was up till 2am making all manner of yums).  I'm anticipating that I will save a lot of money this way too as last year we had bowls of nibbles all through the day, chocolate stockings for everyone, various salads and all the rest.  AND I will not be buying anything Christmas eve - I'm not risking my life at Woolies for a few bits of salad.  I might even be able to grow some salad stuff in time.  Who knows.....

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • Your plan sounds great, but I thought I'd pass on a tip that could help you with your early riser. My in-laws used it when my husband and his brothers were small. They would hang a gift bag with one small gift that the boys could play with until they heard their parents get up. He says it worked like a charm. They were allowed to get up at 7:00.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Saralynn, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I'll do exactly that!  She's not allowed to wake anyone until 6.30!!!  Great idea *kiss*

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!

  • You're welcome. I was ready to try this with my own kids, but for some reason they actually obeyed me when I told them they had to stay in bed until 7:00 on Christmas morning. Maybe they were afraid they would not get their presents otherwise. I wish they obeyed as well the rest of the year!

    Oh, I forgot to put there that they hung the gift bag on the boys' bedroom doorknobs.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Christmas only comes once a year so im going to go all out and have a feast, turkey,ham,gravy,mashed and roast potatoes,mince pies,christmas pudding,christmas cake,wine,beer etc

  • 6packmission - Go for it!  Hope you enjoy your big blow-out!  I'm still going to head out to the shed to blast off some of the goodies :-)  You're right, Christmas is once a year but I just can't sleep properly unless I exercise

    Body for LIFE, not body for 12 weeks!