Where to get all this protein?

  • Hello Body4Life people :)

    I am at week 3 now and troubleshooting a lot at the moment (see the gym). My nutrition works pretty well, though I often fail on keeping the schedule, but thats a planning issue I can solve. 

    In another post I read that for strength training I should get about 135g of protein (165lb * 0.8). 

    But where should I get all this without using a lot of shakes? With eggs and cottage cheese I get 12g of protein per serving. With turkey *** 26g per serving (~150g). 

    What else could I do? I can't eat 600g (4 servings) of turkey every day, thats a lil bit freaky and pretty expensive.

    But with the suggested myoplex shakes it will be even more expensive.  Anything else I could do that does not feel absolutely unnatural?

    Thanks a lot, without you people here I couldn't make it!



  • Hi Dennis,

    Try to aim for 25-30 grams of protein per. meal. You can get this from natural foods.

    beef (ground, lean)

    3 ounces


    chicken *** (cooked)

    3 ounces


    cod (Atlantic)

    3 ounces


    haddock (smoked)

    3 ounces


    ham (meat only, roasted)

    3 ounces


    hot dog (beef)

    1 each


    pork (ground)

    3 ounces


    salmon (Atlantic)

    3 ounces


    sausage link (pork/beef)

    1 link


    shrimp (fresh)

    3 ounces

    17 grams protein

    tuna (canned, light)

    3 ounces

    22 grams protein

    turkey (light meat)

    3 ounces

    25 grams protein

    turkey (ground)

    3 ounces

    23 grams protein

    Also try peanut butter, egg whites (7 grams per. egg) yogurt etc... The Body For life book has a wonderful list of foods.



  • Here is a site I found with nutritional data for all kinds of food: http://caloriecount.about.com/

    Lori, where did you get the 7 grams of protein per egg figure? According to the site above, whole large egg contains 6.3 grams, and a large egg white has 3.6 grams. Maybe your figure is for the carton of egg whites?

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • Hello,

    Yes Sara Lynn I got that figure from egg whites. Eggs have been a staple in my diet and at the end of each day I calculate my total protein level for the day. Thank you for adding the calorie counter, it also offer's wonderful additional protein offerings.

  • I noticed you listed hot dogs and sausage links to your list. Ball Park make a really good Turkey hot dog with 0 grams of fat, and it is bun length. And Jenny-O makes good Turkey Sausage Links as well...

    Thanks for your great list Lori!


  • Take careful note - 0 grams of fat .... the sodium is usually through the roof then. Sticking to the ORIGINAL AUTHORIZED FOOD LIST will bring you stellar BFL results. No where on that list does it say processed meats of any kind. (sausage etc)

    Tweaking will give you "tweaking results".

    Just sayin..

    Best of success!

  • 4 oz of chicken *** - 24g pro x 6 meals = 144g.

  • Yeah, I don't eat any processed foods...I try to stay as 'clean' as possible.

    That being said...if you're into cereal, Kashi GOLEAN has 13g of protein for 3/4 cup (calories 140, carbs 30, fiber 10), I put 1 packet stevia sweetener on it...have 1/2 cup cottage cheese along side for another 13g


  • Is there a max of protein?? I'm really heavy, I don't think I should be consuming 264 grams of protein a day.

  • raharper1 - you need enough protein to fuel your body for the weight training and cardio that you are doing. For most women, that's approximately 20 - 25 grams 6 times a day, or 120 - 150 total grams.

    I don't think you can miss by using the palm-sized protein, fist-sized carb portion rule. Add veggies at lunch and dinner, plus 2 cups of water with each meal.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • raharper1,

    Please call the folks at the EAS 1800#.  If your current weight is 264 YOUR nutritional needs may be somewhat different in the beginning.  Restricting your intake too much early on could stall your weight loss.  

    I started out at 300# and it's different for those of us with that much weight to lose.  You can do this, it will take you more than one challenge, but just be realistic in your expectation and remember this is a marathon, not a sprint.  You want to make healthy changes that you can live with LONG TERM.  Not just for 12 weeks.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • kashi go lean is not a protein source. It's a carb source, and a bad one at that.

  • Hello Dennis,

    I don't know you're geographic location so I don't know if you have a Save A-Lot supermarket. But, I buy ground turkey 90/10 fat ratio. That's pretty lean. You can even drain the rest of the fat in a colander. Anyway, my point is I see that you're concern about money as well. I can get  1lb for less than $3 bucks at Save A-Lot. I get about four meals per lb. It taste great plain or seasoned. 4oz=20g. I tried turkey *** from Publix. I think it was $6/1lb. I didn't like it. I would have bought chicken *** instead. Plus chicken I think is cheaper. Try a farmer's market to buy in bulk and freeze. Also, I've gotten very very lucky with B1G1 at Winndixie for steaks. I generally compare ounces per cost of all my sources.

    Shop AROUND on protein shakes. Sometimes I find buys at Amazon.com when they have sells, GNC when the Myoplex is going on clearance, and Sam's Clubs at regular price.

    I hope this give you some insights or ideas for protein sources.:)

  • Thank you very, very much people, I got a lot of inspiration here!

    JoJo: I am living in Germany. I mostly buy my meat at Aldi (pretty good quality, but really cheap). About $4 per lb turkey *** if I converted correctly.

    Still this is pretty much to spend for a student who has to work in two jobs to pay for his studies.

    I will have a look for protein shakes if I can find something pretty cheap. I was just a bit confused that you can have between 10 (egg whites) and 60 (myoplex shake) grams of protein per serving depending on what you are eating.

    So I think in some cases it might not be as simple as "just eat a fist size portion from the authorized food list", especially if you are not using protein shakes.

    Thanks again for all the help :) Week 4 will be much better!

  • Hey Dennis....I'm 51 years old and will share what I've done and what I've had good succes with. First of all the protein.....you need to take in "at least" 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight . I weigh around 185 pounds so I shoot for 185-200 grams per day. Divided by 6 meals that is roughly 30-35 grams per meal. As for where you get all this protein....it's really not all that hard. A cup of cottage cheese has 30g of protein....5 oz. of red meat has 35g of protein....3.5 oz chicken *** has 30g of protein and most fish is 5 oz. for 30g. Most protein powders contain around 25g of protein per scoop. So it's not hard at all to get your protein from a variety of sources.

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