Protein and coffee ?

  • My wife asked me if she could mix her morning scoop of protein with her coffee. I said no. But then I got to thinking you know, that might be ok. Sorta like a latte but not really. There would only be drip coffee and the protein powder. I havent tried it so it my be gross I dunno, thought I would ask.

  • I have often mixed instant coffee in with my shake, but I've only used a bit as cream in reverse fashion.  I'm not sure how the powder will disolve in the coffee but if it makes her happy then I say go for it.

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  • I have been known to mix a little vanilla Myoplex RTD into my coffee.

  • I do this.  It will be very lumpy and require a great deal of stirring.  It also requires a pretty good size mug of coffee so that it doesn't go all gloopy.  You can put it in the blender with ice, too.  Then if you squint just right, you can pretend it's Starbucks.

  • My sister does it with her coffee for my protein in the morning and then some oats for meal 1.  we use optimun nutrition 100% whey the chocolate--MOCHA-- and it does not clump.  Some brands clump, others do not.

  • Not sure if you ever got an answer on this, but I mix my EAS Carb Advantedge with my coffee often at my 9:00am meal and eat a carb with it.  I'd be interested in knowing if this is a deviation from the program, as well.

  • Hope not. I do that too MischelM. Better than any artificial sweetner. :-)

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  • Some new idea's for me to try.

    Thanks, guy's.

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