What to look for when buying fruit juice?

  • Hi everyone.

    Am about to start week 4 and it's all going really well.

    My question is what I should be looking for on the label when buying fruit juice? I realise that it should be made with real fruit but what about the sugars etc....?
    I want to try mixing fruit juice with light cottage cheese. Whilst I don't mind the taste of cottage cheese and am starting to get a bit bored with it and I have been told you can through it in a blender with fruit juice. Worth a try.

    Thanks for any info.



  • Congratulations on beginning your fourth week! You're a third of the way there!

    While juice isn't a "bad" food, it's not on the list of approved foods, most likely because most of the goodness of the fiber is removed. You're left with basically the water and the sugars. It's better to have the whole fruit with your cottage cheese. Or, if you're juicing your own, put the pulp back into the juice to make it mix better with the cottage cheese.

    Wow, that sounds good and I might have to try it today!

    There's a girl out there warming up with your max.