CLA ...who has used it and can tell me about it?

  • Ok scott, so why not just randomly post these blogs all over the other threads? if it doesnt apply dont post to the thread plain and simple... Im sick of arguing this with everyone.  I see the point of getting this information out, but how about we create a blog thread so people can statisfy their copy and paste fetish.  I when I ask a specific question I would like a specific answer.  (loud and getting annoyed voice)

  • LOL.  Where's Francis anyways!

  • I for one get something out of the blogs when they are posted.  If it's something I've read before I scroll through it.  Let me say what everyone else is too nice to say, Brian this thread is not here for your benefit alone.  Get off your high horse and scroll through what you don't want to read like most of us probably will the next time we see a post by you!


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  • Ok...Well I know when I have lost a battle ...I guess it doesnt help my case when I sound like a complete douche in every one of my post to this thread...Ill stop.  If anyone still has a story they would like to tell about their cla experience please continue to use this thread though

  • Brian ~

    No one lost and no one won my friend! I guess we can all get a little frustrated when we are trying so hard to focus on what is right and what is wrong for our body. It does look like some great information was shared here. I would also remind everyone that a lot of folks are newbies just wandering around through forums trying to gain insight on this program. I hope that the posts that they find are encouraging/informational.

    I did use the CLA for my first challenge. I also used the Betagen. I was happy with my results. I can tell you that when I stopped using the Betagen I started feeling like more and more of a pansy when i would lift. I definitely can't wait to start the Betagen again. As for the CLA...I honestly don't know. Supposedly great for the belly fat. I had great results in my abs. Is it all attributed to the CLA? I can't answer that. I will take CLA and Betagen for challenge 2 starting tomorrow.

    It sounds like you and I are in similar places with the CLA. I would love to hear from anyone who can confidently attribute their belly fat reduction to CLA. That would probably be based on a 2 challenge comparison. Anyone?

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  • I'm taking it too, along with Carnitine, haven't noticed a difference...well that said, am into week 4 of my first challenge, and haven't noticed any fat loss at fact the scales are telling me I've put on a kilo and a half.  Grrrrr..  

  • My doctor who is amazing with metabolism etc. says not to bother with CLA/GLA...

  • Well...

    I am starting my first challenge on June 21st and I have been trying to figure out exactly what/which supplements I should take.  I saw "Brian's" question and thought it would be interesting.  I was surprised to read what  "legs C3" had to say because it was exactly what I had been wondering!  For this I am thankful for the repeated posts...otherwise, I would have had to spend more time then needed on the computer!  

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