what do YOU eat for breakfast?

  • My son likes the "junk food" oatmeal, which is the instant kind with added sugar and powdered strawberries.  Yuck.  Authorized is the plain oatmeal, no added anything.

    i usually have:

    Egg beaters or hard boiled eggs and oatmeal

    Or Greek yogurt & strawberries

    On the weekend, protein pancakes.  

    Sometimes I get Irish oats and cook them in the crockpot overnight.  I only use the plain instant in a rush.  When I have time I saute spinach and mushrooms and scramble eggs with them and add high protein wheat toast (1 dry slice) on the side.  Sometimes I'll put a tiny bit of all-fruit on the toast.

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  • My favorite BFL breakfast is Oatmeal Pancakes. And it's super duper healthy:

    - Make plain oatmeal in the microwave

    - mix in some egg whites until it's pancake batter consistency ( clumpy, but wet)

    - add some vanilla extract & cinnamon

    - spray a pan with a modicum of butter flavored PAM, & cook your pancakes!

    I make a bunch Sunday night & even eat them cold on my drive to work. If you need them sweet, a bit of equal or stevia on them is nice.

    You can have your pancakes and eat them too!

  • 10 min oatmeal,

    2/3c egg whites and 1 whole egg.

    Every day for the last 9 weeks. Boring? Kinda, but easy.

  • This Morning I had a shake:

    1 cup FF skim milk

    1scoop EAS Vanilla Whey

    1Cup baby Spinach Leaves

    1/2 Banana

    3 Strawberries

    1tsp Glutamine

    1tsp Creatine

  • Most mornings when I'm headed to work I'm pressed for time. So, I have a scoop of protein powder mixed with 8 oz. skim milk and 2T. flax.  This is the easiest breakfast for me since I can drink it on my way to work and get my flax in for the day.

    By the time I get to work it's time for meal #2 too!!

  • thanks for the help guys! helped me aaaaalot!!!

  • My fave is protein pancakes. I do eat oatmeal with protein powder mixed in or sometimes I'll have cottage cheese on top of some type of fruit.

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  • Just got finished with a cup of egg whites (1 whole egg was part of that mix), a half cup of oatmeal, and a half scoop of whey protein!  I usually add a little cinamon and a touch of honey to my oatmeal for some yummy flavor!

  • I am NOT an early riser so I have set the alarm for 6.55am and then only have to reach over to the bedside table to grab an 'Organic Active Greens Food Bar' convienently placed there the evening before.

    By the time I have munched my way through it I am wide awake and full of energy!

    This system appears to be working pretty well for me and it doesn't mess up the kitchen first thing in the morning so that's a bonus :-)

    Although all this oatmeal talk is pretty tempting...accept I can't think of a way to get it without getting out of bed first...Blast ;-)

  • -oatmeal + whey protein + 1 T peanut butter (or almond butter)

    -protein pancakes (by far my very favorite breakfast in the BFL cookbook, but you can google the recipe, too)

    -Ezekiel 4:9 break + 1 egg + 2 egg whites with salsa

    -cottage cheese + canned pumpkin + vanilla whey protein + cinnamon

  • Every morning cardio and Sunday morning I have cottage cheese pancakes. EVERY SINGLE time. Even after 12 weeks I'm not tired of them. I could eat them every morning for the rest of my life. The same thing with eggs and bacon. If I can convert to the turkey bacon then I'll start having that with a slice of toast or 2.



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  • I just discovered a new recipie for me!  It's half a fist size of chopped up lean deli style ham warmed up in a pan and then add half a fist size of EggBeaters Southwestern Style eggs and cook until done.  Then put in a warm whole wheat tortilla.  Can't beat it!!!