would someone analyze my meals?

  • I am just starting (finishing week 1 tomorrow) and wanted to have someone take a look at my meals to tell me if I am in line or way off base.  I am a bit confused with portion sizes.   I know the protein is about the size of your fist, but what about carbs and veggies?  What amounts are we to have?

    Anyway, if someone could take a look at a few of my meals and give me some feedback, I'd appreciate it!


    Typical breakfast - 3 egg whites, some smoked salmon, very small amount of cheese - all scrambled with cooking spray and a small piece of dark, whole grain bread with a small pat of reduced fat butter.


    Snack - protein bar or cottage cheese with yogurt (how much cottage cheese? I have been having 1/2 cup-ish - along with an average cup of yogurt)


    Lunch - smoked salmon sandwich on two small pieces of dark, whole grain bread with maybe 1 TBS low-fat cream cheese


    Snack - cottage cheese with blackberries


    Dinner - stir fry with shrimp, peas, carrots, and brown rice.  This dish was more like shrimp and veggies with a little rice - I am guessing maybe I had 2/3 cup of cooked rice.  I used 2 carrots in the dish and probably 1/2 cup of peas.  My husband and I shared it and we ate pretty much all of it.    Oh,  and it also had soy sauce, small amount of sesame oil, and some ginger.  


    Snack - probably cottage cheese again with yogurt or berries. 


    I drink water throughout the day and rarely drink anything else - ocassionally, I will have a diet soda - are those allowed?


    Also, some days, I notice it's hard for me to get to 3 hours without eating again - should I go ahead and eat if I feel hungry and it's only been, say 2 hours?  Other days, I am not hungry at all at the 3 hour mark - do I eat then, or wait until I feel hungry?  

    Oh, and just a sidebar - I am a pescatarian - eat fish, eggs, dairy, but no other meat.


    Ok, I think that is all of my questions for now.  Thank you!

  • Travelgirl2010,

    Congratulations on your first week of BFL!!!

    Do you have the BFL book? I would highly recommend it.

    First of all I would encourage you to look at each time you eat as a meal. There are no "snacks" in the BFL nutrition plan. Each meal is roughly the same size and contains equal amounts of protien and carbs. Do you have the Authorized food list? It is a great guide. It is in the book but you can also download it from this site. There is also a copy in the official entry kit. Just pick a protein from the list and a carb from the list and you have a meal. (don't forget lots of veggies and tons of water) When it comes to things like cottage cheese and yogurt use the nutritional labels as a guide. As a guideline women aim for around 20g of carbs and 20g of protein with each meal. (men need more like 30-40) So look at the label on the cottage cheese (make sure it is fat free). If 1/2c is 20g of protien then all you need is 1/2c. If it was 10g per 1/2c then you would need 1c. Does that make sense?

    In my opinion I would stay well away from all cheese, sodas, and all forms of butter. It can be hard I know but it is well worth it.

    As far as meal spacing, if you are hungry before 3 hours you probably didn't eat enough. The exception can be on heavy lift days. For me on leg days my first few meals are closer to two hours apart. My body is telling me I need food. Leg work outs take a lot out of me. If you are not hungry at 3 hours you probably ate too much. Don't worry BFL is a journey. We all have to figure it out. Changing our lifestlye and the way we eat is no easy thing, but you can do it!! Keep at it and remember to focus on progress not perfection.

    If you have more questions just post them. There are so many great people here.

    All the best with your challenge