My favorite new salad dressing and sandwich spread

  • Perhaps it is not new, but I have started mixing equal parts fat free cream cheese and brown mustard for what is to me a delicious creamy salad dressing with about 13 calories per tablespoon (fat free and about 1 gram protein also).  My favorite salad is 1 portion of baked chicken *** with romaine lettuce and 2 tablespoons of this dressing.  I don't count the romaine as a veggie for the day because I doubt it has the same nutrients as my broccoli does.  Whole wheat bread as a sandwich would add your carb.

    I have also tried mixing the cream cheese with fat free ceasar dressing (15 calories per tablespoon total with cream cheese) and while the taste is good I prefer the mustard.

    Less than 5 grams of carbs per tablespoon of either of these, this does add up over time if you are being really precise about the carbs.



  • How much sugar in the fat free cream cheese?

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    Faithful Renee :0)

  • half a gram per tablespoon.