Myoplex Shakes & Daily Water Intake

  • Does drinking Myoplex shakes count towards daily water intake.  Without getting too personal I find that drinking 2 cups of water right before bed almost always results in me having to get up multiple times during the night to use the bathroom.  I'm going to assume that frequently interrupted sleep results in adverse effects to muscle and overall recovery time.  Assuming I drink 2 glasses of water at every meal (which I do) & drink Myoplex is it ok to skip this final water intake on the last meal?





  • Andre - yes, if that keeps you awake - of course! :) I personally try to spread my 4L of water starting at 5am when I wake up till 4-5 pm. Your body will adjust in a week or so of this intake and you will "feel" so much better and alert with a healthy dose of JUST water. If you must consider your shakes as water, so be it for that day, but IMHO I wouldnt make that a habit. There will be days (like me for instance travelling today) that we just cant drink to the max as we arent around facilities!

  • I mix my myopex powder into 20 oz water after my workouts, and do count that toward my water intake.  When I drink RTD's, I don't count that toward my water intake.  I try to drink most of my water during the earlier hours of the day, or I would be up all night in the RR as well.

    My water intake is something like this:

    Meals 1, 2,3,4 & 5 - 8 oz per meal

    20 oz water with myoplex shake

    24 oz water during workout,

    and I sip water throughout the day, probabaly another 16 oz.

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  • I am not sure about this one. Personally I don't count anyhting that I drink (shakes, tea, coffee, etc.). Only the plain water that sits in the bottle right next to me. I know for sure that tea and coffee can't be counted but the shakes might be ok.

  • yes of course if you mix your myoplex shakes with water it absolutely counts towards your water intake, its like drinking a glass of water with a wholefood meal, some people have absurd notions about some things,

  • Manuela, the reason we dont count the water we have in coffee and tea is because these things are dieretics and cause the body to lose water so for ever cup of tea or coffee you have, you should have ab extra cup of water, but to suggest that you have to drink extra water on top of what you have in a shake just because its mixed in the shake is ridiculous

  • I stop drinking water about 1-2 hours before I go to sleep.

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  • 6packmission, thanks for your comment. I only pointed out how I do it. I was not suggesting that everyone does it this way. However I learned a lot today and will think about counting the shakes also.  :-) Thanks for that. I am still looking at my water bottle and trying to finish it before the end of the day.

  • Manuela:  I totally get that you were saying what you did.  I wouldn't have implied that you were recommending that for everyone.....  :)  I think some people tend to come off a little brash in their comments...and should give some thoughts to their posts before posting them.

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