Coconut Oil - Yes or No?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I keep getting conflicting information in regards to Coconut Oil.  It's a saturated oil, yet I've heard that it's good for you.  Tosca Reno (The Eat Clean Queen) has raved about it.

    Does anyone have any info on it?



  • plenty of info on  Note, however, that the diet recommendations of Mark are not the same as those in B4L.  My understanding is that coconut oil is not a recommended part of body for life diet. See p89 of Body for Life ("healthy Fats") where Bill Phillips recommends against it.


  • Recent research has proven that saturated fat like coconut oil and even butter aren't unhealthy as has been believed, the fats you need to watch out for are the transfats and any fat thats heated to extreme temperatures when cooking something