Milk and Pork. Please help

  • I'm a newbie just starting week #2. I lost 8 pounds in the 1st week and hope to keep the momentum rolling. Anyway, I need a little help.

    1. Can I drink 2% milk? I have drank nothing but water in the last 11 days. No milk, no soda, etc.. Concerned about the calcium loss. I've been eating alot of dry Raisin Bran. Can I start to include milk?

    2. I don't see pork (chops) on the grocery list, but I saw a few recipes? Is it okay to eat pork chops?

    Thank you for any advice.




  • I would stay away from pork,chops, but pork loin is really lean.  Cut it about 3/4 in thick, grill it with seasonings and it is just like a pork chop.

  • I'd recommend going 1% milk over 2%.  However, skim milk would be best.

  • Just rememer that milk is a carb. Check the nutritional facts to see how many oz. you need.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • In the big scheme of things having 1% or ff milk is not going to hurt your program. Use it with your cereal or just have an 8oz glass in the morning.  I mean who wants to go the rest of their lives not drinking milk??? Not me that is for sure :) does a body good!



  • Don't forget to check how much sugar per serving in milk (FF/1%/2%).

    Have you considered soy milk? Its good and good for you.