Green... Eggs... what eggsactly should we do?

  • In our green world of recycling, reducing and reusing.. I keep feeling a twang of guilt each time I throw out the egg yolks!

    What can they be used for? Anything? Compost, hair conditioner, insect repellant......facial mask? Help me out people.


  • I say we make green eggs and ham.... I think this is one you gotta just let leave the nest so to speak. Either those yolks will biodegrade down the drain or in our bellies and we seriously dont need that cholesterol. I have heard if you have hard boiled egg yolks you can let them harden and use them for the moon of endor in your star wars galaxy replica... Ok I must have worked out way to hard tonight... Talk to you all in the morning.

  • I was thinking this same thing yesterday as I was making my protein pancakes.  I'm going to have to find my Deep Chocolate creme brulee' recipe and make a batch for free day or family.

  • I save the egg yolks and make homemade HOLLANDAISE for the kids and my husband. They absolutely ADORE it and eat tons of broccoli with it. It's like the ULTIMATE treat in our family (believe it or not!) ESPECIALLY if I splurge and buy... artichokes!!!  Addicting, actually, so it's hard for me to not steal a taste from the spoon.....mmm so good! wait a minute! YUCK! YUCK! YUCK! I am on my WAY to fitness, tininess and HEALTH! You stop talking like that, Marcy!!!  :-)

  • Some folks feed them to their dogs.  I've read that you can freeze them by adding a teaspoon of corn syrup and using them for things like molten chocolate cake on free day.  I haven't tried it though.  

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  • i just buy the egg whites at the store!  they come in a carton like the egg beaters do.  and speaking of egg beaters, i like those, too...