Where's the Beef?

  • Good thing that I re-read the original BFL book the other day, I got reminded that lean beef is OK.  I love my baked chicken breasts, but, sometimes need something different.  Saturday I went and got thinly sliced round steak and got creative.  On my free day last week I enjoyed some nachos from Moe's and so I had a few containers of salsa left over.


    1 half large red onion

    4 half portions of the steak ( I cut them down myself)

    4 tablespoons of salsa ( I like the really spicy liquid kind for this, not chunky...use what you like)

    Grill the onion in a non-stick pan until carmelized, I like mine pretty browned...do it to your taste.  Very lightly salt and pepper your steaks.  When onions are just about done, push them to the side of the pan and grill your steaks, due to the small size and thinness they will cook very fast.  Combine onions and steaks together and pour on the salsa.  Turn heat off and stir everything together.

    When everything was cooled down I Layered all four steaks in a container and put them in fridge.

    My lunch yesterday was 1 steak with onions, chopped up and scrambled into a 1/2 portion egg white omelette.  Since the steak portion was half also this made 1 complete protein portion, I wrapped it up in a whole wheat tortilla for my carb and I honestly thought I was cheating.  My veggies for the day were in separate meals.  The taste of the onions really make this one special for me.

    I have also done this with a full portion of the steak, and as many greens as I can stuff into the whole wheat tortilla.




  • if i had to eat chicken every day, i'd get so, so sick of it!  plus, my husband is eating how i'm eating, and he's a beef lover.  we do quite a bit of very lean beef around here!  :)

  • Salmon is a nice choice if you want to add variety to your meals.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!