Analyzing My First week

  • So, Week one is complete in a couple meals and I wanted to get some feedback from the pros here.


    To start off I;m 5'11 male start weight 245lbs BF~30%

    My meals were pretty static all week only changing up the protein source for meal 3 and 6 between.

    An Average Day

    I did the palm/fist method then measured after I had decided on the portions just to get a track on my eyeballing

    Meal 1: Oatmeal - 1/2c + 4 egg Whites

    Meal 2 - Protein Shake - 236 cal, 37g protein 5g carbs 3g fat. + 1 cup of frozen Blue Berries

    Meal 3 - 5oz Chicken *** + 1/2c WW Pasta (homemade sauce of 1/2 tomato couple mushrooms, onions, garlic spices) + Salad. 1c green leaf lettuce, cucumber, onion + 2tlbs Balalmic vinegar (no oil)

    Meal 4 - Protein Shake (as above)

    Meal 5 - 4oz Salmon Filet, Sweet Potato, 1/2 cup spinach.

    Meal 6 - 1cup 1% Cottage Cheese 3/4 Cup FF Yogurt,


    Worked out to:

    ~1550 Cal, 183g Protein 136g Carbs 21g Fat or a 51% 36% 13% break down.


    Now, this has not left me hungry at all in between meals but calorie wise it seems pretty light, like I should be shooting for 1750-1800 calories or so to prevent my body going into starvation mode.


    Ideas, thoughts, feedback all appreciated.



  • Yes I agree you should be eating more like 1800 calories a day.

  • I would also agree. You should be aiming for 1800-2000 calories. The last two days I thought I would go a little leaner (I am at 14% body fat and want to hit 9%) so I reduced my calories to 1500. This left me tired and weak. I feel horrid. I increased my calories and am feeling better.

    Your meals look great though. Keep up the good work!!


  • Orrin should I be adding carbs? 183g protein is pretty top end considering my lean body mass is ~160lbs.

    Funnily enough for a fat guy eating is hard! I was a habitual meal skipper some days going until 5-6pm till my first meal. Of course I would make up for it by eating junk all night watching TV.

  • definitly add more carbs. It doesn't take much. The goal is to have protien and carb intake roughly equal.

    I am a big meal skipper as well. The body dosen't like that and ironically the opposite of what you want to happen happens. It is hard, for me anyway, to get it through my head I need to eat and feed my muscles. I think of my body like a car. You don't water down the gas in your tank to make it go further it just doesn't work. Our bodies need good, clean fuel in order to function.