Am I eating right.

  • Hi. Just wanted to check that I'm eating right. I'm 5'7 and weigh 168 pounds. I've worked out that I should be eating 28 grams carbs and 28 grams protein per meal. My average eating day goes as follows:


    Meal 1 : 4 egg white omlette with 2 slices turkey ***. 2 x apples

    Meal 2 : Protein Shake made with water

    Meal 3 : 2 slices Turkey, Lettuce and cottage cheese sandwich on wholemeal Bread.

    Meal 4 : Protein Shake made with water

    Meal 5 : Salmon with Baked potato, Broccoli

    Meal 6 : 250ml Natural  Yoghurt with 1 scoop protein powder

    I'm keeping to the portion sizes and I drink loads of water with each meal and through the day. With the Protein shakes I halve the serving cause each serving has 44 grams of protein and 49 grams carbs.

    The reason I ask is because most people on the program have started to lose weight by the 4th week and I seem to keep putting on weight. When I started I weighed 72kg and now I weigh 76kg. I know i should be going by body fat percentage but the weight gain worries me and leads me to believe I might be doing something wrong.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Upward and onward. It can only get better!

  • Austin,

    It looks as if your meals are spot on as long as the portion sizes are around that 28g mark. Are you drinking at least 96 oz of water per day?

    How is your intensity in your workouts? I gather from your post that your goal is weight loss; some people experience wt. gain during the first few weeks of the program...Do you feel better? Are your clothes fitting better? If the answer to these two questions is yes, then I suggest you Keep on Keepin' On and not worry about that darned scale!!

    Best wishes for your success!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Austin I agree with DebbieMo if the waist band of your pants is getting looser then you are burning fat.   Based on your height and weight, you are probably gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time so that is showing as no change in the scale.  Also make sure you are measuring the chest, biceps and from shoulder to shoulder.

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  • Hi DebbieMO and Champster09,

    As always you're both a great source of support and it's greatly appreciated. When I started I did my body fat measurements using measuring tape and it came out at 22%. Went to my gym last week and had a caliper test and it was down to 17.5%. My over active imagination got the better of me and I did measurements again and came out at about 23% so I was a little stressed :).  I forget how inaccurate these things are so I'm gonna wait until my next caliper test before I panic :).

    As you say DebbiMO..I'm gonna Keep on Keepin' On.

    Upward and onward. It can only get better!

  • My husband is on his 8th week. While he has only lost about 5lbs........he has lost one pants size. Sounds like you know to stay off the scale. : ) Good Luck!!!

  • Thanks sgunnoe

    Upward and onward. It can only get better!

  • Austin,

    I am going into my 5th week and I have lost one pants size. How your clothes feel is great indication of how you're doing! Weight fluctuates and will keep you on the roller coaster of emotions.

    Hang in there and keep it up!