Eating the right balance

  • Can anyone tell me something? Is it really healthy to eat string cheese and fruit for 5 out of 6 meals? Eating only a regular breakfast?

  • T-

    It may not be polite to answer a question with a question...but I'm gonna anyway

    Would you feel comfortable feeding a child, your best friend, next door neighbor and/or your grandparents a diet of string chees and fruit 5 out of 6 times a day? (eyebrows raising)

    What is a regular breakfast to you?

    Why would you want to limit/restrict yourself to cheese and fruit? esp. when there a lots of other choices.

    Whats up with that?  Bottom line, BFL or anyone would have to say  NO! it is not healthy.

    I have a feeling there is more to the story......spill it......everyone is here to support each other


  • No, Tinkerbell, string cheese isn't a good choice for a protien to begin with, let alone eating it all day long.   You need to mix things up a bit, add in some healthy variety to properly fuel your body.