• I am going to be at a BBQ with kids..basically just hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. I'm assuming the buns will be the standard hamburger/hot dog buns. I know the only bread we eat is supposed to be whole grain.

    Can I eat one plain hamburger off the grill on the standard bun and just have that be the only thing I eat there as my meal? Will the standard hamburger bun screw everything up for me for this one meal?!  Please Advise!

    RunningMom... "run like hell and get the agony over with"

  • Personally, in situations like these, I take a nutritional shake, like myoplex, and either have it before I go someplace or take it with me. I put the powder in a shaker bottle and all I have to do is add water. Sure you may get lots of stares or 'what are you doing' looks. But I always remember by turing down food that is not good for me, I am not saying no I am saying yes! Yes to a new and better me.

    If you do happen to eat something "unautorized", for whatever reason,  put it behind you and keep going. Focus on progress not perfection.

    Enjoy the BBQ and the day with your kids.


  • Thanks Orrin!

    I went with a burger, no bun, with mustard and had a side of fruit as a carb. Done! I survived it and the kids had a great time!

    RunningMom... "run like hell and get the agony over with"