7th meal anyone?

  • idk...i was wondering, what about a 7th meal? -ha...  

    Let me know. (:

  • Im pushing to get in the 6th meal! Usually cos im in bed by that time as i get up early! Or im just worried about going over the recommended 1500cals (yes i do count portions and cals go figure).

  • If you're a 'hardgainer', you might need it. Otherwise, I would say no.

  • @ jaypee    Sounds good.  how will that 7th meal work thou?

    Oh N now im a little curious about an 8th. (;  lol

  • @ Angee  I really don't blame you for doing so...Everyone knows what works best for them.  

    Im here, trying to do something else with myself. (; lol

  • First you ask about a 7th meal then you ask how to make it work, look dude the method is written down very clearly in the bodyforlife book

  • Angee you mentioned that your worried about a 6 meal pushing you over 1500 calories which has made me concerned your meals are too big. 6 meals at 250 calories is 1500 calories, are you eating more caloried in meals 1-5 as you maybe missing out on vital pre bed protein to eat a tiny bit more during the day?

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  • esteam, I would caution against a 7th meal, because it is not strictly 'body for life' protocol. Not to say you can't or shouldn't, but it isn't B4L. I am a hardgainer when it comes to muscle, and believe I should be eating more, but am not doing so at the moment because I want to give the programme, as recommended, a try - and see whether or not it works.

    That having been said, if you are determined to have the 7th meal, I would say try a pre-workout shake, plus the rest as recommended.

    I'm nearly 8 weeks in - daily progress report at b4lexperiment.blogspot.com

  • I think a few folks who have done multiple challenges end up adding a 7th meal.  I don't know where you are but for anyone reading this who is just starting, I personally look at the first challenge as training wheels.  We learn as much as we can to get on track and then after that, we've learned so much about our body and ourselves we can tweak a bit.  esteam, you know yourself, where you are and what your goals are so if you need to add the 7th meal to reach your goal, then I think it's a good idea to do so.  :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • jaypee:  Im doing my own little program right now too. so that kinda makes sense.

    Sharon--Wonder-Woman:    I really love your comment towards this.  (:

    &  6packmission:   I guess ima need to read that book some time to get a lil more info....  

  • If you're really still hungry enough for a 7th meal.....perhaps your 6 meals should be bigger.  I am with others though when they say, give the program a try as it is written and adjust as necessary.  I have done the 7th meal a few times and it works out ok....it is usually a preworkout snack at 5 am and isn't huge....try keeping a food log (www.livestrong.com - is GREAT) and make sure your protein-carb ratio is where you want it.  you might not need to add calories, but adjust where you're getting them from.

  • There are not enough hours in the day for 8 meals 3 hours apart.

    I sometimes add a 7th meal if I am awake for a very long time.

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