Eating late at night....

  • My whole life I have been told never to eat late at night- it stores fat which is harder to lose. 
    So..... I understand we need to eat every 2- 3 hours, and because I wake up around 7 and eat at 7:30 or 8, I end up eating my last meal/ snack around 8:30 pm, an hour before I hit bed.
    I feel like I'm seeing little results and am wondering if this is the reason why?
    Can someone explain to me why we need to eat before going to bed?  

    Stacy Lynn

  • Stacy there is nothing wrong with you eating 30 minutes before bed.  As long as you are eating the right portions during all 6 meals you should be fine.  Your last meal ideally should be a protein and carb.  I like having cottage cheese as the last meal and then I go right bed.  There is casein protein in cottage cheese which provides slow digestion.  It helps burn the bodyfat and holds me through my morning workouts which I do on an empty stomach.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I often do my cardio in the middle of the day in the 3 hour fasted state so my meals often get really messed up:)  I often have a bunch of meals crammed together at the end of the day.  It's when I'm the most hungry so it works for me!