BFL'ers Something is wrong with us.

  • Please tell me that i am not the only Crazy one here in this BFL world. Now i will tell you why i believe there is something wrong with us BFL'ers or maybe i am just wrong. The problem might lie totally on me. Here is what happened yesterday when i figured out that there is something very wrong with me. I went to GNC because they were having a sale on Multi-Vitamins and i wanted to try the new Energy and Metabolism. So anyways i get my vitamins good to go easy front of the store but for Ha Ha's i went to the back of the store to check what else they had and that is when it hit me. A smell so good that i was drawn to it, i didn't really know what that smell was till i hit the next aisle and i realize that it was protein shakes. I was craving protein shakes!!@^!!#% WHAT me craving Protein shakes i could not believe it. So i ask the question again is something wrong with us when we are craving protein shakes and cottage cheese or is there just something wrong with me...


    Still can't believe it Craving a Protein shake what is this world coming to. Next i be craving a Seinfeld "Big Salad"....

  • LOL!! No you are the only crazy one!! I'm there too...not necessarily protein shakes, but good nutritional food. Give me a nice grilled salmon, sweet potato and steamed veggies any day over a nasty greasy fat-laden cheeseburger!

    Your head is in the game, figawu!!  =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I think there's something "RIGHT" with us.  I experienced something very similar while out of town.  I made a couple of stops shopping and there was a GNC in the strip mall, I was starving and walked in to get a protein bar of some kind.  Low and behold they actually had a refrigerated cooler with cold protein shakes.  I gladly paid the guy way too much for the shake, but in comparison to any other meal I could have had, it was cheap!!  Yep, somethings right with us!!

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  • I am glad to hear that their are others out there just as crazy. lol

  • You know you've been BFLin for a while when not only do you crave lean proteins or protein shakes, but you crave GREENS as well. Yes... it does happen, and it freaked me out the first time haha,

  • I actually love my protein shake and each time I have one I think of it as being my dessert. That must be something bad, right? Why do I love this stuff so much and it is still good for me? I love having my protein shake after workout. It totally stops all my cravings for sweets.

  • Well, a good friend once told me "You can't think your way into right acting, you have to act your way into right thinking." It sounds to me that one of the benefits of your right actions have transferred into a "Right" craving instead of the wrong ones we used to have.

    Nice Job and thanks for the good thoughts!

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