Whole Wheat Bread Portion Control

  • What constitutes a portion of whole wheat bread?  I realize a portion is an amount roughly the size of your fist or palm of your hand, however, by this logic

    a portion could easily be (1) slice of bread ((1) slice is also what is listed as a single serving on the breads nutritional information.)  In BFL, however, there is a morning meal consisting of a portion of protein and (2) slices of whole wheat bread.  Which is it?



  • Depends on the size of your fist. I avoid bread and stick to whole wheat tortillas, wraps, fruit, beans, and brown rice.

    I try to make each meal equal in carbs and protein.

    4 egg whites 24 g of protein so 24 carbs.

    6oz of tuna for lunch 39 g of protein so 39 g of carbs of less.

    Depends on your size I would shoot for 20-40 g of protein per meal.

    I try to each 1g or protein for one pound of body weight.

    So these days 180 g of protein divided by 6 meals = 30g per meal.

    Minimum recomended protein is .8g per pound.

    I guess same would go for carbs.





    Bill trys to make it simple with the fist and palm but for some of us we need more information and numbers.

    I don't mind counting calories and nutrients



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  • I'd read the label and stick to around 20g of carbs.  All the bread I've seen that is one slice.

  • Thanks for the input guys.  Much appreciated.

  • Hey Andre,   Why not try the Oroweat thin breads.  They are 100 cal and 21 carbs taste delish and are shaped like a bun so you can also do a lean burger on it too.  These were  a life saver on my program.  jill

  • Try Alpine Valley multi grain bread, only 10 grams carb per slice & 4 or 5 grams protein as well.

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  • Thanks for the info Bryan.  Congrats on the transformation!

  • Jill, I'll give them a shot.  Are they widely distributed?  Trader Joes?

  • A bread portion all depends on your size. I would think one slice for women and 2 slices for men would be about right. I'm a 180 lb. male and and a chicken sandwich with 2 slices of bread is good. My favourite bread is Ezekiel bread.

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