Meal Timings!

  • I'm on Week 6 and feeling great...I however am a terrible morning person and have my breakfast around 8/9. How important is to stick to the same time for your meals everyday or is it okay to just eat every 3 hrs from the time you get up? also I work aout around 7pm so by the time i have meal 5 it's 9pm. so should i still have that meal 6? am i doing this all wrong?


  • oonette,

    9pm is not too late to eat meal 6.  Definitely eat it!  Your body needs that fuel while "fasting" at night.  That way your body uses the energy from that meal, instead of breaking down your hard earned muscle.  But for best results stick with something like cottage cheese or greek yogurt.  They are casein protein, and are broken down slowly, so they can be utilized through the night.  

    Good luck



  • A huge part of my success this time around (my 3rd time in 6 yrs) on BFL is that I tweaked my meal times. I am on week 7, but for the first couple weeks I ate at the usual 8, 10, 12, 3, 6 & 9.  I had SUCH a hard time between 3 & 6 and I would usually blow it or want to blow it and cheat between 3 & 6. I was losing some weight, but knew I could lose more and feel alot better if I could figure out what to do about the 3-6 time frame for me. I changed my meal times to 9, 11, 1, 4, 6 & 9. Who knew what that little tweak would do for me! The cravings and cheating went away and I've dropped 8 lbs now in 7 weeks (from 152 to 144lbs).  Don't be afraid to tweak your times somewhat, just be sure to get in the 6 meals.

  • I'm not a morning person, either, and I've eaten my last meal after 10 pm on a number of occasions.  In my experience, your body will tell you when it wants breakfast.  After that, don't go more than 3 hours between meals.  Doesn't have to be the same time for every meal on every day.  Your body will adjust to the time you start eating - but try not to push it.  ALWAYS eat your 6th meal.  Whether it's 10 or 11pm, it doesn't matter - your body does a lot of rebuilding while you sleep, and it needs fuel (protein) to do that.

    And remember - sleep is one of the most important things you can get.  If you have the choice between eating breakfast on time or getting that 8th hour of sleep - always sleep.  It's a lot easier to catch up on your eating that it is to catch up on your sleep.

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