What kinds of Meal Replacements are you all using?

  • Ah crap.... myoplex lite is for the ladies? Here I've been drinking it for the last 4 weeks and have almost three full boxes (powder) of the stuff left. Instead of letting it all go to waste, how can I spruce it up so that it gets me what I need???

  • Spittdogg,

     Are you calling me a lady. Am a dude. lol. I used myoplex lite for the last month and i actually wish that i used it the entire time. I was told by eas that i should use myoplex lite but i decided to use the regular myoplex. I think I would have lost perhaps 5-8# if i started with myoplex lite. All i use now is myoplex lite products, the myoplex lite shakes and myoplex lite bars. I don't think i will switch until i reach desired weight. So my suggestion is use the myoplex lite.


    updated my last weighin 195.8

  • LOL - Not calling you a chic at all homey. But if what Hanzelka is saying is correct and we need something like 42g of protein per serving, then the LITE version isn't getting it done at 20g in the shake and 15g in the bar. I suppose I can just add some protein powder to my shakes and eat some cottage cheese or something along with a bar until I exhaust my stockpile, but I'm wondering if protein is the only thing that's really lacking in the LITE version for men. Is there anything else I should be considering?

  • Spittdogg,

     lol I was told by eas 800 number if am trying to lose weight. I should use myoplex lite but feel free to expiriement. It is a journey and everyone's will be a little different.

  • Can anyone tell me where I might be able to find a 4 pack of the AdvantEdge Cafe Caramel RTD's?  

    Every where I go they only sell it in the case.  I just want to try it for taste and would prefer not to invest in carton of it, in case I don't like it.  

  • Jill-Haven't heard of that flavor, but sounds delish!  Have you tried online anywhere?? Let me know if you find some!

    I know what you mean about spending the money, I thought I would like the choc fudge...way too chocolately for me! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • You can buy a 4 pack of the caramel cafe RTD's. I bought my last round at bodybuilding.com. They are super yummy. Tastes like a Starbucks frappuccino. Get them real cold. I just bought 2 cases. Also, they have the myoplex lite bars in a cinnamon roll crisp flavor. OMG! Grab a glass of milk folks and settle in. Heavenly! Again, bars are only for emergencies.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Thanks Renee!!!  I am going to log on now and order some up.  I heard the Cafe Caramel but didn't want to buy a case...just in case.  

    Debbie,  That happened to me with the chocolate too.  They sat in my closet for a year before I finally threw them out.  


  • Hey everyone I was just at Walmart today and they had Myploex, the strength formula for $4.50 for a four-pack but only the vanilla flavor. Not sure if this was a deal at the local walmart or everywhere. May be worth checking out.

    Figawu and Spittdog - Using lite vs. regular all depends on the size/weight of the person and also the desire to build muscle vs. getting tone and lean. My goal is size and strength and to pack on the muscle, I am also 6 ft. tall and 220lbs, trying to get to 210 or 205. EAS had told me the Lite was for ladies looking to get lean and tone or men 150lbs or less also looking to get lean and tone.FIGAWU thanks for your experience with the lite its a great reference, do you feel like your gaining muscle or are you loosing muscle and fat weight? If you drink the regular with more protein you put on more muscle which burns more calories. I am using Myoplex Regular and am working out very hard and now in 9th week I am loosing 3-4 lbs a week and still gaining muscle mass. Just evaluate what your own goals are and supplament accordingly. I also use Muscle Armor and Phosphagen Elite.

  • Hello, new to the forums.

    Thought I'd let you know what I do, since I use optimum also.  Also a dude.

    I mix 1.5 scoops in 10 oz of nonfat milk and drink 2 of these per day.  This breaks down to 46g of protein (10 from the milk), 20g carbs (15 of these are lactose, which is a sugar) and about 2g fat.  I am a believer in milk and I just think these things taste better in milk.  Of course, you can't be lactose intolerant.  The nutrition you are getting is really close to Myo original, except I think Myo uses a carb that is better for you, I am guessing they use some kind of complex carb instead of a lactose (sugar) carb.

    I haven't tried Myo, but it seems to be a high end product that would work well.  I just can't afford it.

    On top of this I also try to get in as much protein throughout the day as I can - egg beaters, cottage cheese, chicken ***, hummus, tuna fish, lean beef chili, etc etc.

    In wk 4 of a 15 wk journey.  Not officially entering, but I think my wife is.  Lost 15 lbs so far and I have really improved my muscle mass.

  • Cali,

    Welcome to the Forum.. Your gonna fit in great here.. As for the INFO thanks... I think that will be my way to get some Carbs in there...

    I often bring 2 shakes worth of powder to work. I do the first one mid morning and second one mid afternoon. How well would the first one hold if I premixed it in the Am and tossed in the work fridge? Or is it better to mix and use ASAP?

    Just trying to decide if I need to buy milk for Work or if I can get away with packing it and premixxing at home


    Can I also add.. WOW congrats on the loss.. I'm on 3rd week, and have lost Nada. but do feel the chest and arms tighter and the legs tighter..

    can't wait to actually see results on scale or mirror :) Oh well slow burner I guess :) also has not ben taking CLA or anything like that just ON Protien.



  • Hi Chip,

    I use a blender bottle, which I find invaluable.  I mix up the shake in the morning and stick it in the fridge when I get to work.  I am pretty sure whey is whey and it won't matter if it isn't consumed right away, as long as it's kept cold.  When I am ready to drink I give it a few shakes and it is good to go.  You can get blender bottles pretty much anywhere, I got mine at GNC.  I actually drink my shake for lunch - I follow a meal, meal, shake, meal, meal, shake pattern and I usually eat at 7:30 10:30 12:30 2:30 5:00 and 8:00.  I usually do my workout at about 6:30-7:00 in the evening.  I usually get up at about 6:30 and I am in bed by 10:00.  For some reason I can't do my workouts first thing in the morning, I just don't feel I have the energy to give 100% when it's that early.

    Don't worry too much about the scale for now.  Everyone's physiology is different.  Just stick with it and start looking for results at 7-8 weeks.  It may not be the lbs that change it may be the fit of the clothes, the improved mood, and the strength improvement that changes first.

  • Have you tried Walmart?

  • I have been looking into protein powders as I am brand new this week.  Unfortunately I came across  an unsettling report about at least one of the EAS Myoplex products, particularly the original rich dark chocolate shake which the study particularly examined.  Consumer Reports wrote about a study that determined that this particular product, serving size 3, was found to have a total of 16.9 micrograms of arsenic.  Max per day should be 15.  Cadmium, another toxic metal, tested at 5.1, with 5 being the maximum daily allowance.  According to the article, "when these toxic heavy metals are combined in a product that is marked for daily use, that raises serious public health concerns..."  I truly was a bit disappointed to read this, because I was excited to use this brand but now I find myself cautious of all of their products.  The serving size seems high for me at 3 shakes/day so I suppose if one a day is used, there wouldn't be an issue.  And also, the protein powder was not used in this study so who knows.  I don't mean to be a downer about this, just thought someone might like this information:)  Consumer Reports, July 2010.

  • I will have to look that report up, I used the Myoplex in powder form and loved it. The reason for the three a day is for meal replacements, so if you are doing a six meal day then you eat normal meals at normal times then use the protein drinks for the other three, plus you need about 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per lb of body weight to build muscle and muscle is the best thing to help burn fat.