Yogurt Q??

  • So I was having my mid morning meal.. A protien Shake, and Yogurt, when I looked on the label for info.

    This is a Dannon light and fit low fat yogart. I was shocked it has 16g of carbs with 11 from sugar... Apears to be al fructose.


    So what is everyone else eating for yogurts? I know I need carbs, but does it seem right those carbs coming from Fructose Syrup, and not natural? To me it seems like Unless there is a better yogurt, I'll be passing on eating these..


    Any thoughts?



  • A gal over at food loggers on t.com gave me some directions on how to make homemade yogurt, if you are interested I will get it for you, otherwise I am with you--most yogurts on the market don't have ingrediants that we really want to put into our bodies.  Lots of folks around here really like Greek Yogurt...I've not tried it.


  • Alyson,

    I actually would be interested in the directions..

    I've not seen Greek Yogurt, so not even sure what the dif is.. lol

    Will have to see if my local store has it, and give it a try for a quick Carb.



  • Here is the link for the yogurt recipe's.  I still need to try it out...haven't had any yogurt since I too read the labels...



  • Wow, Chip, I just looked at my yougurt also.. Yoplait light.  Total carbs 19g and 14 g of sugar.  The  second ingredient is high fructose corn syrup! YIKES!  There's has to be a better alternative.  I heard the greek yogurt is great - anyone tried it?


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  • Yeah tell me about it.. Wonders if there is a Stevia or Spenda version. Also going to be searching for the Greek Yogurt, what ever that stuff is LMAO

    Just hope I don't have to light it on fire and yell OPPA

  • LOL!  Several of the folks on the old GB have tried it and love it...you may want to start a new post asking about it, I'm willing to bet you will get tons of responses.


  • Note on the greek yogurt:

    Check the label. My understanding is that greek yogurt is considered more of a protein.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • I use fat free Greek yogurt and add either strawberries or blueberries and a packet of Splend.  Chip, greek yogurt is a thicker richer version of yogurt and the plain can easily be substituted for sour cream.

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  • Hi Chip, I'm a huge fan of Greek Yogurt and I buy it at Trader Joes, if you don't have one, perhaps Whole Foods might carry it.  Just a note, Greek Yogurt is considered a protein - 1cup of the Nonfat Plain Yogurt has 22g of Protein, only 7g of Carb w/120 calories.  Be careful, only buy the plain, anything flavored won't be the same.  For example, 1cup of the Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt has 30g of Carbs, 200calories, 26g of sugar, and the protein drops to 18g.  I figured that out after I bought it once, and I still have my containers for leftovers and reminders of nutrition LOL.

    This Greek Yogurt is great in shakes, with any type of fruit for your carbs and a little water to thin it out, because it is very creamy.  I have tried it as a sour cream once for that spinach veggie dip that goes in the bread bowl, using it to replace all mayo and sour cream, but it does still have a little of that plain yogurt taste - if it's too much for you, my favorite sour cream is "Naturally Yours - Fat Free Sour Cream", it comes in a container with the black dots on it, like a cow, and can be found at any regular grocery store.  Enjoy!!

  • Hmmm ok well seems I found another Protein which is a good thing as it cam make for a quick meal on the go..

    I'll have to check out Whole Foods and see if I can get some.

    Thanks for the info :)


  • Check the sugar content on the label. I have seen some that are WAY too high

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Renee,

    That's what I'm talking about.. :) Coming from a Keto Diet, I'm always conscious of the Carb and Fiber content. I was actually shocked that low fat yogurt had so much sugar.. Think after this batch of yogurt in fridge, I'll just skip the Yogurt. Did not use it while on Keto, so will not be a loss or missed



  • You're welcome, and the Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt only has 6g of sugar for an entire cup, just remember anything other than Plain is a completely different story LOL  

    It's better to use this Protein yogurt for your BFL program and ditch the other Carb category yogurts, you can get more benefits from the Carb fruit, veggie, and whole wheat choices.

  • If you'll notice, most lowfat or nonfat stuff has a lot of sugars.  That's why they are not always the best choices for weight loss, isn't that funny.  Chipster I have seen Greek yogurt at Walmart, Sam's, and a few grocery stores, but I can't remember if any carried the plain Greek yogurt.  You can at least check those places.