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  • I am trying to decide which brand of yogurt to eat.  I know that Greek yogurt is supposed to be really good for you, but I don't like the taste of it.  I also don't like the lowfat yogurts with aspartame.  What yogurt would you recommend?  Also, is the EAS Soy Protein that you can get at Walmart okay (health-wise)?  I really like the taste and it is not expensive.  I mix it with skim milk; does that throw the protein/carb ratio off?  Thanks.  Christie

  • Christie,

    Not all greek yogurts are created equal!!  JMHO.  I have put it out there on this site many times...people are probably tired of hearing it from me, but CHOBANI Rules!!  They sell them in individual servings (6oz) in many flavors.  They have a little fruit in them and if you add about a TBSP of low carb protein powder (i use vanilla) to it, the carbs will be about 20gms, and protein will be about 20gms, the goal for many of us women.  You can get the vanilla flavor, which has lower carb gms, so you can add some of your own fruit.  You will still have to add a little low carb protein powder to get the protein gms up some.  

    We have COSTCO here in No. VA, and they sell twelve individual servings for $11.49.  Less than a dollar for a meal is a pretty good cost, I think.  I have only seen plain and vanilla in the larger (more cost effective) sizes.  But, the vanilla is good, and even lower in carbs, so you can add your own fruit.

    Regarding your protein powder and skim milk.  Just check out the labels and see how many gms of carbs and protein are in your protein powder.  Only use enough milk, so that your carbs are 20gms and proteins are 20gms.  You may need to use some water too.  That figure (20gms protein and 20gms carbs) is for a woman who has approx. 120lbs lean muscle mass.  If you are much bigger or much smaller, you may need to adjust the 20gms protein/20gms carbs to suit your lean muscle mass.

    Good luck,


  • I use FF Greek yogurt and mix 4 oz. frozen unsweetened blueberries(thawed for me).   The blueberries are strong enough that you don't taste that wang from the Greek yogurt.   If you are struggling with the yogurts go for low fat cottage cheese.

    If your EAS Soy is around 3-5 grams carbs you can mix it with skim milk and be fine, but make sure you measure the milk.  I believe 8 oz is a serving size.

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  • I don't like plain 0% Greek yogurt, but found a way to make it yummy.  I mix Syntrax Twisted Cherry protein powder in it and it's awesome.  It's cherry flavored goodness. 

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  • Same as Jessica  - I find that if you mix the Greek yoghurt with chocolate flavoured protein powder, it becomes a yummy dessert, without the sour aftertaste.