• First off let me say I love the new site. I think the forum is great. I found the guest book they had before difficult to naviagate. I was browsing the new recipe section and came across Honey Almond Oatmeal in the breakfast section. It's one of the few recipes that doesn't say how many portions it makes. Most BFL oatmeal recipes are 1/2 C oatmeal. This one is 1C oatmeal. It also contains 2 Tbls almonds and 2 tsp honey. I'm thinking this is 2 portions. Anyone else have an opinion?

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  • BigDog, I would think it is also 2 portions. Hmmm actually sounds YUMMY might have to have that tomorrow AM.. Thanks for the IDEA :)


  • The almonds are considered a fat. The honey is sugar. I would not add those components to my meal plan. I do not add any extra fat portions to my meal plans. I get enough from everyday foods. I do not add any extra sweeteners to anything. Some add stevia or splenda to oatmeal...a small bit. All those little extras add up and could hinder progress during a challenge. Just my 2 cents worth.

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  • Hmmm 2 Cents you can take to the Bank as well :) Good Point, those all do add up.

  • I agree about the honey. The almonds are a good fat though and I'm not sure I would skip them. According to my doctor and my experience going too low fat can be constipating.

    Every truly great accomplishment is at first impossible. ~Fortune Cookie~

  • Add 2 greens a day to your meal plan. Works for me :0) I know...TMI

    I get plenty of fat in the salmon, chicken, and cottage cheese I eat through the day. Plus, I use a small amount of extra virgin olive oil to cook my meats and some veggies. You could add up those fat grams and find that they are fairly high.

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  • If you are using the recipe from a BFL site, then it's acceptable.  However, there is a huge difference in a measured tbsp versus a guesstimate.  Be sure if you are using the honey/almonds that you measure accurately.  I personally would choose to use splenda, but not everyone can use that.  And just fyi, there are 17 carbs in a tablespoon of honey.  

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  • I have 1/2 cup regular oatmeal every morning with a scoop of vanilla protein powder. The odd day I add a few blueberries.

    I avoid nuts at all cost as I cannot stop at a few.

    Tonight I added a scoop of vanilla protein powder to my tall glass of Betagen and crushed ice. I LIKE IT! It may just be my new deck drink this summer!