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  • Ok don't read any further if discussions of bodily functions make you queasy....


    Anybody else experience fewer eliminations while BFLing?  My best guess is that I am eating far less and since I am being strict about foods that just about everything I am eating is being used to fuel my body.  I am not constipated or anything...just pooping alot less.


  • That is quite normal JamesK. Protein is filling and slow digesting. Make sure you are drinking your water. (I drink 4.4L daily).

    Your body is working hard with BFL and much of your water intake goes to help your muscles recover and repair. If you dont dring enough, there wont be a good supply for digestion. Get your vegys in too as they also have water in them and help with digestion. A dehydrated muscle cannot repair itself as easily and in essence, you are working hard but getting nowhere if you do not keep hydrated.

    I hope that helps. No question is silly and we have all thought about that at one time or another.

  • James,

    Prior to doing this I also wondered about that.. I was doing Keto Diet and often felt like it was a week between movements.

    It might be a good idea to start to add some Flax Seed tot he top of your Salads or in your Shakes.


  • If you're getting enough water, are you getting enough fiber with your carbs?  I'm one of those people who just can't drink plain water all the time.  So I use True Lemon (it's like Crystal Lite but uses Stevia instead of Aspartame) and Sobe 0 Lifewater (also uses Stevia).  If I feel I need more fiber I'll put a tablespoon of psyllium husks in my flavored water and shake.  Takes a little getting used to but if you drink it fast it's not bad. 

  • I find if I'm experiencing delays in the digestion department - I'll use beans for carbs for a few meals.That usually gets everything going again!

  • I think I may not have written the original post clearly.  I am experiencing regular eliminations.  The volume is just a lot less.  I am getting my water and fiber in just fine.  Glad to know though that I'm not the only one who has thought on this.  :)

  • James, I understand exactly what you are saying.  I remember RickinNC mentioning the exact same thing and it gets even more noticable towards the end of a challenge because your body is going to use everything it has for fuel.  

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  • James,

    Have you ever heard the saying "garbage in, garbage out"? That's what's happening with your body. You're eating better stuff now and your body is using more of what you're giving it so there is less waste. Basically, you're eating less crap so you have less crap.

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  • As long as we are

    If we are all making a good S shaped deposit into the throne, Dr. Oz would be proud! (don't send him a picture will not be put on the air! LMAO poop tv)

    Funny family went out to dinner for the first time in ages to the only mexican restaurant in our little town.......... Results: our guts all sounded like haunted houses for a few hours afterwards,,,,not so sure if we will be going back any time soon..

    Gotta love the mysteries od digestion!    kat