Do some proteins blend better than others?

  • I tried to add protein to my coffee so that I could have the carrot cake muffins in the morning with my coffee and still meet my protein goal.  But the protein powder I used wouldn't mix well with my coffee at all; it kept separating and getting chunky and was so bad I had to dump it.  I've heard people say they've added chocolate protein powder to their coffee and it's "as good as starbucks", so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    Do you find that some types of proteins - either the brand or whey vs. soy vs. whey/soy combos - blend into liquids better than others?

  • Missbritt,

    I know some folks mix an RTD in with their cup of coffee, and they swear by it!!


  • Julie - OK, I feel dumb... but what's an RTD?

  • Missbritt -- don't feel dumb, I was going to ask the same thing!!


  • NO NO - don't feel dumb MissBritt....RTD= ready to drink.  I can get muscle milk lights at COSTCO (bulk food place) for a little more than a buck a piece.  I don't remember what flavor people use though.  I did try vanilla myoplex RTD once and it was good.

    Something strange happened during my first challenge.  After almost 30 years of coffee -  light and sweet (pinks), I decided during week 4 to do cardio in the am fasted, but I "needed" some coffee to do that...went to black coffee, and I am kind of used to it now!  

    So, try an RTD in your coffee tomorrow!!  Then meal #1 is out of the way!


  • hahahhahahah - I do know what Costco is. :-)

    It never occurred to me to try one of the pre-made shakes in the coffee - thanks for the tip.

  • missbritt,

    if you have a decent blender you can twist the plastic top off of the lid and pour your hot coffee in, then your protein; it works better when you use a splash of milk. Make sure to put a towel on the top to cover the hole before you start it up!

    I usu. ice my coffee the night before and mix it up that way. Just an FYI.


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