• Hi,

    Im starting on Monday and just getting together my grocery list for the week. Is it ok if I eat the samething for lunch/ breakfast each day and then switch next week? Dinners will be different but to make the same lunches/ breakfast are easier for me.


  • I personally switch off from protein oatmeal and a shake every other day, throwing in protein pancakes or a bowl of cereal (w/ protein and soy milk) to break up the monotony. You do whatever works best for you, esp. if you are cramped for time in the morning, but make sure to get a variety of foods throughout the day/week, esp. vegetables.

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  • I eat oatmeal and protein powder for breakfast every day.  My lunches usually don't vary too much.   It is fine to eat the same things each day as long as they are approved foods.

  • Sandy - Yes.  I ate the same thing on schedule for all of my 5 consecutive challenges except for dinner and switching between tuna and turkey for lunch.  I did that for a year and never got tired of it.  It was just easier for me that way.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • If I had to make something new each day, I would have failed long ago! LOL! I am ALL ABOUT eating the same thing each day. When I get sick of it, I find something new. It's so much easier to plan, to prep, and to go go go if you don't have to be in the kitchen all day every day.

  • Thanks everyone!

  • Egg whites, strawberries - rinse, repeat.  That's my breakfast every single day except for my free day! lol

  • Lol we're such creatures of habit aren we I have protein shake and dried museli (sounds dull but i like it) everyday but free day followed 2 hours later by protein pancakes with a cup of green tea.

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