Question about Lean Cuisuines

  • Hi Everyone!

          I am just getting started on the BFL Program, and had a question about Nutrition. I have a very busy hospital job, and lunches are hard. I need something quick and convenient. Do you think it would be OK to have a Lean Cuisuine for lunch, and eat *clean* the rest of the time?


    Also, I am a horrible morning exerciser. My body prefers to workout in the afternoon. Would this inhibit progress?


    Thank you for your help!


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  • Hi Carlie,

    Really, don't eat the lean cuisines.  A meal of cottage cheese and an apple is just as convenient for example. Prepare your food ahead of time, like the night before, and just pop in the microwave at work, will cook as quick as a lean cuisine. Also the Myoplex drinks and bars are a very quick and easy meal. I don't think you will get the best results eating those packaged meals.

  • They are usually stacked in starchy carbs that are no better for you than the carbs in a Big Mac or Kraft Dinner .;  it will definitely impact your results.  

  • I'm going to suggest the cooking ahead method.  Either put together a weeks worth of meals in tupperware in freezer or fridge on Sundays (so once a week) or make an extra portion of your carbs/protein with your last meal prep the night before and pack that for your next day lunch. Lean Cuisines are total garbage and as stated above the carbs they contain are not allowed carbs.

  • Carlie,

    The one thing about doing BFL is doing what it takes to keep the commitment you make to yourself for a new you.  That means making changes in not your body but in routines as well.  I was never a morning person.  I got up at the very last moment I needed to for work and on weekends I slept in as much as I could.  Now after doing BFL for a year and a half (wow, just realized this), I'm up and in the gym by 4-4:30 a.m.  That is because I had to change my routine to get what I wanted.  I wanted it bad enough that I changed my routine and in turn changed my body.  I know me and if it doesn't get done in the morning, it's not getting done.  All I want to do after work is go home and I'm so busy at work that I can't fit it in during my lunch time.  You'll have to sit down and look at when you can seriously commit to getting what you want.  If you want to lose bodyfat, doing your workouts in the morning is best, but really when you can honestly do it on a regular basis is the best time for you.

    Do not use Lean Cuisines or anything else TV dinner like.  Follow the list of foods as closely as you can in the book and on this website.  It takes time but you can do this.  As was stated, prepare your meals and take them with you.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Buffychick- I too work in a busy hospital job (I'm an ER nurse) and had to totally adapt my eating to make it work for me. Here are some tips that I have found helpful: cook a bunch of meat at the beginning of the week (chicken breasts, turkey burgers, etc.) so that you have easy protein that is just ready to grab and made into something yummy. I have even whipped up large batches of veggie egg scrambles (scrambled eggs with a variety of veggies mixed in) to keep in the fridge. Amazingly they reheat very well for a quick breakfast. I also make a big batch of brown rice and whole wheat or brown rice pasta to keep on hand too. Whole wheat tortillas are also a staple. I generally spend about 30 minutes at night after my kiddos go to bed planning my meals for the next day. I workout in the morning before work, so I pack everything in a cooler and move it all to the fridge when I get to work. I found it hard to squeeze in 6 food meals a day at work so I will do a casein protein shake and a piece of fruit between breakfast and lunch and again between lunch and dinner. Lean Cuisines are really high in sodium and not great nutritionally. If you can plan ahead, you can definitely do much better meals. Hope this helps you!

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  • Carlie, it takes me about a half hour from start to finish to make my "pre-packaged" meals.  Bake chicken while brown rice or whole wheat pasta is on the stove.  After portioning out into dollar store food containers I throw in a hefty portion of frozen veggies and put them all in the fridge or freezer.  A fraction of the cost of Lean Cuisine and no additives or preservatives.

    There is a picture I put up in the media gallery.  Depending on how much meat I cook, I make 10 entrees at a time.  I like these far better also because I control the fat and salt.

  • Hey Jen,

     Thanks for the info! Good Idea to cook chicken breasts and stuff for lunch ahead of time. :)

  • Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it.

  • thank you so much. You are right; I need to get used to working out in the morning, as much as I may hate it. BTW - I checked out your profile and you look amazing!!! WOW!! Good for you. That is so awesome!!!!