Made a great spread, dip, condiment!

  • Take cottage cheese and add some chives, cayenne, and chilli powder to taste. You can mix in some greek yogurt also. This is perfect for my turkey flatbread wraps and puts a bit of cheese flavor to it, I love cheese on sandwiches. Not a substitute for mayo, since it tastes nothing like it, but it is really good!

    It could also be used as a veggie dip but I haven't tried that yet, goes great with potatoes though!

    --- Kitty


  • I did something similar... sounds good...

  • Sound good!  I take 1/2 cup of fat free vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and blend.  Then stir in a packet of hidden valley ranch mix and skimmed milk to thin if desired.  Makes a ranch like condiment to use on wraps.

  • That sounds awesome!  It is on my list to try.


  • First off, thanks for starting this thread. I am sooooo sick of mustard on my turkey wraps :( Im more a mayo guy but needless to say we can’t have it. I read this thread and went to work on a spread with ingredients I had.

    WOW this is good, and kinda fun trying to make the perfect spread. I took your ideas and made this.

    ½ cup cottage cheese, 5.3oz of Greek Vanilla yogurt (Dannon), Some chillie powder (didn’t measure) A dash of Cayenne Pepper,  Tbl spoon of minced garlic (love garlic), And a dash of Rosemary. This is a pretty good spread. I never thought of doing anything like this. If you guys/gals  keep coming up with stuff post it up here.

  • Another good dip for veggies is get a big tub of FF plain yogurt and 2 packs of Fiesta Ranch mix. Dump the yogurt into a big bowl and mix together. Then pour back into the yogurt container for storage. It is awesome!