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  • Forum Post: Re: 1/3 of this amazing program finished.

    Hey Rtoons Amazing results. They say that you've been working hard and keeping yourself uncomfortable. Excellent job! Our group is at the same point and we just shared a few stats. Here's mine for the first four weeks. Stats from starting date of November 15th: Inches lost in various...
  • Forum Post: 4 Weeks in, and....

    ...17 pounds lighter!! I couldn't believe it when I weighed myself this morning. Most of my clothes are looser, and people are starting to really notice. I have never been this pumped about keeping an exercise/diet program going. I started at 265.2, with my goal at 190. 58 to go, and I can't...
  • Forum Post: End of week 4 Progress pics

    Didn't think I was making much progress until I reviewed my progress pictures! I am definetly getting some definition which is exciting!