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  • Just wondering if anyone uses any type of fat burner while doing BFL? And if you have, what did you use? I have used them in the past and never really saw much difference, but then again I am HORRIBLE about taking anything regularly so that may have been my downfall. I am really hoping to lean out/tone in my last 4 weeks and was wondering if this might make a difference. thanks for any feedback!

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  • If it were me, I'd invest in the protein supplements instead of fat burners.  In the long run you'll get more solid bang for your buck by working the program as written, learning about your body and what foods work for you and don't along the way.  

    My tennis shoes, hard work and good clean eats have always proven to be my best fat burners.

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  • In the few challenges I have done I have never taken a fat burner although I have thought about it. I have still had great results without them.

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  • I would agree with the advice presented here.  Clean eating, working out regularly (and properly), and protien are probably the most important.

    Lean muscle mass is probably the most effective fat burner.  Anything that increases muscles mass is going to increase the rate you burn (metabolise) fat.  Protien (specifically whey isolate) and creatine (I recomend con-crete brand, no bloating, no water issues, no side effects) are probably the most popular.

    Assuming you are doing everything 100% and you still want to spend more money on supplements here are my thoughts.

    Carnitine is said to be the most effective natural fat burner out there.  No jitters with this one.  It transports fat to the mitochondria to be burned for energy.  It exists naturally in you body and is actually essential for basic metabolism.  Look for L-carnitine in liquid form.  d-carnitine is inactive and a waste of money.

    Caffine has many benifits for fat burning and stimulating your nervous system.  Look for natural forms to prevent jitters.  Green tea extract, gurana, just to name a couple.

    CLA is conjugated Linolic Acid.  It's a good fatty acid that helps promote burning of bad fat and encourages lean muscle mass.  This one needs to be taken regularly for 3 months or so before effects can be expected to be seen.

    There are many fat burners out there.  Some make you jittery, some are outright harmful.  Be carefull.  And seriously, some people waste alot of money on this stuff when they are skipping the basics.  Whey protien is cheep and very effective taken right after workouts with carbs.  (Myoplex is great for after a workout)  All the other stuff is very expensive when you compare the results to what you pay.

    This is just IMHO.  Make sure you do the research before you put anything in your body!!

  • I agree with what has been said here.  I would like to add that I don't use them now but did years ago.  The thing about fat burners is once you start using them, you can't really stop.  Once you do, our bodies can't match the fat burning the pills gives and our metabolism slows too so we gain weight back.  It’s like when we work out and eat right.  As soon as we stop, the weight comes back.  Think about it. :-)


    With the weights and cardio routine of BFL, you will be your own fat burner.  You will increase your metabolism with the muscle you build, eating planned 6 small meals using items from the authorized food list every 2-3 hours and drinking 80-96 oz of water every day.  Results take time but they happen.


    Hope this helps.


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  • Thanks for the advice.

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  • One problem with Fat Burner supplements is they only cure the problem for a short time, not the symptoms of the problem. It's like giving someone with credit card debt a check for $10,000. They may use it to pay off their debt, but it won't be long before they have credit card debt again. BUT if they learn the correct  and "smart" way to pay off the debt, (by hard work and endurance),once it's gone, they'll most likely NEVER get in debt again. If you learn how to eat healthy and exercise, rather than a "quick-fix" using fat burners, you'll most likely live a healthy lifestyle the rest of your life because of your hard work. Just my $.02. =)


  • Silly question - what does IMHO mean?

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  • In my humble opinion. :-)

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  • so, in the past i have used fat burners, LCarnitine, CLA, and others.  I agree with what the others have said, HOWEVER....

    IMHO, if you are diciplined enough to go off the fat burners, and continue to work the plan,  they are'nt a bad idea for a jump-start in some results.

    Many people quit when they don't see results.  Are those people weak ??  Not necessarily.  A glance in the mirror to see the fat coming off does alot for self esteem. It also is the most MOTIVATING factor in our challenges.

    If using a fat burner can get you the jump-start needed to see results, and if seeing results keep you on the plan,  and you are mentally able and prepared to come off of them, ( if for no other reason than  to ease the strain on the pocket-book,)  i say do the research, and find one that may work for you.  S H O R T   T E R M .

    in the long run, the plan works if you work it.

    just my fiddy cents.


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