Finishing week 9 questions

  • Hello everyone,

    I am finishing up week 9 and was wondering about a couple of things. At this point I have noticeable changes in the way my clothes fit and when I look at progress pictures I see some changes also. However my stomach is taking a long time to change there are slight changes but not much. This is driving me crazy, or am I just being impatient? Has anyone else noticed their stomach taking longer to shrink? I am 6-4 and about 228 now I was about 244 when I started. I am a stickler with my diet, some people I work out with call me the BFL Nazi. I would say my more liberal meals would be the EFL sloppy Joe recipe or the enchilada recipe.

    Also, today at the gym my upper body seemed week. I couldn't get my last set of curls up when before I could. It was all I could do and then some before but I got it done. I had a friend of mine tell me I should eat an orange before I run or work out so my body doesn't burn muscle for energy. I know there are so many different points of view about this sort of stuff, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this at all. I am sticking with the program tell the end and am not changing. My thoughts are, if I roll out of bed at 4:45am drink two glasses of water and at the gym at 5am then I want the most results possible.

    Here is a typical day for me.. see anything wrong here?

    5AM Gym,

    6:15 Myoplex Original shake

    9:30 cottage cheese and Greek yogurt

    12:30 Turkey wrap, Whole grain flat bread with flax seed, lean turkey, spinach , onions and mustard, fat free cheese with some green beans , celery or carrots.

    3:00 Myoplex shake

    5:30 Grilled Chicken and rice

    8:30 ON. Casein Protein shake smoothie, 1-1/2 scoops chocolate protein, 4oz water, ¾ cup of low fat vanilla yogurt, ½ cup of frozen cherries.

    9-9:30 Bed


  • Hi Casey,  I am experiencing  a similar thing with my stomach.  My shoulders, arms and especially legs are lean and getting bigger muscles.  I have definitely dropped some inches from my mid section, I will always want that area to be leaner.  I also think that we see it more than others do.  My hard body sister-in-law called me skinny the other day.  It woke me up a bit regarding my own body image.

    There is only a short period in my adult life when I didn't have my gut, I am continuing to work on how I perceive myself.  Folks typically think of body image issues as something that only women experience, we guys have to re-train our eyes as well and trust the measuring tape, photos, clothing fit and scale as well.

    Congrats on your progress so far, I just started week 10 myself.


  • Casey,

    Where you want to see results the most will be the last place to change.   If the weakness continues in your lifts you might want to have something before your weight workouts.  As I progressed in my training I got really sick one morning after doing heavy legs on an empty stomach.  That was my last leg day on empty.  Your body will burn up what you consume really quickly during your workout.  I'm not trying to steer you away from the original plan as written, I'm just suggesting that you listen to your body because one size does not fit all.  We are each individuals and as you progress you will have to make some changes or your body will stop you dead in your tracks.


    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Casey, how ironic we are in the exact same boat with the same thoughts and schedule.

    I too am finishing up week 9 and having the same problems with abs. From what I understand it will be the last thing that goes unlike boobs that go away first.  

    I am at the gym by 4:00 am but my first meal is not until 7 am, you are definetely doing a better job with your nutrition.  

    I am so tired and weak but again they say this is normal at this point because we are taxing our muscles through this challenge. I say just stick to your plan, maybe have a protein snack or a shake before working out.

    good luck and hang in there everyone keeps saying it will be worth it in 3 weeks, I know it will be.

    enjoy your weekend.

  • Thank you all for responding. I am going to keep focused with this till the end. I am going to go right into another 12 week challenge. This has changed my life in so many ways especially my nutrition. I don’t really think I will ever stop.

    I think my next series I am going to mix my weight routine up a lot more. I am looking forward to that.

    Thanks again,