ok, it's your "free" day...what do you eat?

  • and on the seventh day we rest our body, but what do YOU put it in on your free day?

  • unfortually junk. I don't plan to do it, but i justify in my head becasue its a "free day" then i  feel guilty after.  just starting clean today again.

  • At first I thought I would just have a free meal each week.  What I have come to appreciate is the total letting go attitude of free day.  I eat just about anything I crave.  I have started to pick up a few favorites while at the grocery store and put them on my "free day" shelf in the cupboard.  My discipline lets me have them there and not be tempted.  I enjoy them on free day much more knowing that I did the right thing by waiting for them.

    If you don't have the mental strength and discipline to have unauthorized food in the house without scarfing it down, then don't have it in the house.  Seriously.

    Now that being said, I do have some weight gain on the day following free day.  My free day food is much higher in salt than my authorized food and I attribute most of the gain to water retention.  It is usually gone in a few days and I am back under goal by my next weekly weigh in.

    On free day I still drink all my water.  My first few free days I enjoyed a diet soda.  I don't even have them anymore.  I save money that way.  

    I too experienced a bit of guilt after my first few free days, guess what?  I decided to change my outlook and not have that guilt.  I am losing fat consistently so why feel guilty?

    My only real advice for free day is to continue to spread out your meals to several small ones throughout the day.  Eat what you like, but pay attention to portions.

    My best wishes for health, happiness and discipline to you.

    C1W9D3  Start weight 221, current weight 197.  44 years old, 5'11"

  • Thank U James...

    I am keeping it close to training, as a female I don't think our bodies at 40 are as forgiving as 28 year old's...not craving any desserts or the like ( and I have wedding to attend in less than 2 weeks) so I am sticking close to the plan even if I have an extra bite of potato.

  • i eat anything i want, but seems like it's always pizza :) i always seem to eat too much, but then see a drop on the scale monday anyway. i don't do sweets though.

  • Several people talk about feeling guilty after there free day but the reason everyone still loses after them is that they actually help! The reason for this is well document by scientists and is called calorie cycling. Our bodies adapt quickly to low fat/calorie diets and resets itself to working on this calorie intake, however, the weekly free day actually stops our body from doing this by shocking with a high calorie day and thus starting the adaption all over again.

    So enjoy your free day and be safe in the knowledge that its helping you get to your goal not hindering you x

    "The future will be made up of the present. By taking good care of the present, we take good care of the future." Thich Nhat Hanh

  • I am a sucker for cheese and crackers! Linguini with red sauce and lots of garlic! Red wine!

  • Thanks for sharing this. I was feeling bad about eating so poorly on my free day, but in all actuality it helps. So, don't feel guilty....


  • Nightgryphon, It also might help during the week to write down in your journal the things that you may be craving...most likely you may not even crave them once free day comes up.

    Also, make sure you record how you felt after your free day; I have found that an all out free day has left me sluggish and feeling icky the next day so it helps with the next one...

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Debbie, great advice, and I found that it's something that I already do. I think that's why my wife and I have gotten our free days to be more of a slightly relaxed regular day. We cut out buffets all together, we went to a restaurant and afterwords we were both stuffed and felt crappy. Today, being day 15, I reflected on what I felt like last night and this morning, and the answer is not good. So, while I don't feel guilty, I definitely don't feel good about the money spent to get a feeling of bleh. So, if we have a craving I tell her, she finds the recipe and then we figure it into free day.

  • I usually have a free meal instead of a free day.  I plan for it during the week based on what I'm craving.  Last night we had homemade BBQ pizza, it was awesome!  I try to stay away from sweats becuase they are my weakness and I always feel really crappy after I eat them. This really is a lifestyle for me so I generally try to stay as close to BFL eating as possible.  

  • I had a free meal...Fish and Chips at Claddagh Pub( a locally based small chain) and a bite of my daughter's Eton Mess, which having lived in England is usually made with berries and bread and whipped cream...this variation was mostly berries, topped with meringue bits and just a bit of whipped cream...lovely!

    the piece of fish was huge! I had been craving it all week. it was worth the wait.

    dinner was a slice of ham and low fat baby swiss cheese wrapped in a crunchy piece of lettuce...I just wasn't very hungry..

  • As with many of you an all out free day filled with cakes, cookies and the like does nothing for my digestive system and leaves me bloated and suffering with stomach cramps. I try and keep it to a free meal  followed by some premium ice cream as this is my biggest weakness.

    I do eat more on my free day, however, to achieve the calorie shock as per my earlier post. So if I usually have one slice of toast I'll have two, a cup of pasta rather than half etc this also helps to load back up my glycogen stores for the coming weeks workout thus overcoming that complete body fatigue I have by Saturday x

    "The future will be made up of the present. By taking good care of the present, we take good care of the future." Thich Nhat Hanh

  • I stayed on the BFL diet for very long. As time went on, I found myself naturally choosing the very same stuff on regular days but in extra portions of beef, fruits, and milk and cereals. I have found out that my free day -when it's used as an all-you-can-eat day- sets me back 300%: I can't go back to eat diet food, I start craving all the stuff I had almost forgotten what they tasted like, and I find myself bloated and cranky with the sugar withdrawal symptoms. I have gotten rid of my free day completely and now have "extra portions day".. very occasionally I have a free meal. However, I have held one rule: No matter what. NO SUGAR! <I am an ex sugar addict>. The thing is no drug addict ever goes back to little cocaine to reward themselves for not taking cocaine for years. :o)

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Thankfully I am one that thrives on having a nice full free day, but is totally ready to go clean for the rest of the week.  It doens't throw me off and start a non-stop craving train.  It actually hinders me from it.  I've tried to stick to just one meal, but so far can't do it.  My faves are donuts, cookies, coffee with tasty cream and sugar.  During the week I have occasionally eaten 1 maraschino cherry or a couple m&m's.  I somehow found discipline to stop at just one.  But if I try to do that with salty foods like chips or Chex Mix... then I can't stop.  So I have learned to not even LOOK at salty items during the week.