what does your diet for the week look like

  • i was wondering what your diets for the week look like so i can get some ideas and mix up my diet a little

  • grai-I'm kinda boring, but it suits me as my body has adjusted and I'm in a good habitual routine...

    M1-1/2 cup oats, 1 whole egg with 5 egg whites-I've been adding a little pico da gallo here lately, yummy!

    M2-Myoplex Lite shake

    M3-Usually leftovers from night before's dinner

    M4-protein shake with apple

    M5-usually chicken br ea st (use different types of seasonings to spice it up a bit) with with either brown rice or red potato, tonight was Chicken br ea st with black beans and salsa, will have that tomorrow for lunch

    M6-either ff cottage cheese with nf yogurt or greek yogurt with berries

    Like I said, my body as grown accustomed to eating the same stuff which is good for me cause my life is so hectic...Hope this helps! :)

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  • That's weird, part of my post didn't make it...anyways grai, hope it helps a bit! :)

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  • Grai,

    I have been making up my meals on Sunday for the week.  I am pretty boring as well.  I choose two or three meals I won't mind eating over and fix them.  

    This weeks meals are turkey chili, turkey burgers, and grilled chicken salad with salsa.

    I like breakfast to be warm so usually i'll have the eggs, pancakes, or oatmeal.  

    My in between meals are a myoplex lite shake and a myoplex nutrition bar.  

    Last meal is usually cottage cheese and fruit or I really like the protein pudding.  (Just haven't figured out how to make it where it will actually set up :)  Hope that gives you some ideas to play around with!!

  • My menu for today was as follows:

    M1 -  1/2 cup oatmeal and one scoop protein powder

    M2 - Protein shake and fat free strawberry yogurt

    M3 - Baby Greens Salad with tuna, strawberries & a pinch of sunflower seeds.  Dressing was a light balsamic vinagrette

    M4 - 1/2 cup cottage cheese and a cup of fat free lemon yogurt.

    M5 - Grilled chicken, steamed zuchinni & yellow squash, 1/2 whole wheat english muffin w/a dab of sugar free strawberry preserves

    M6 - Protein Shake

  • Meal 1  Protein shake or Oatmeal with protein powder

    Meal 2 Shredded lean beef with no fat/low sugar pasta sauce and whole wheat pasta and veggies

    Meal 3 Chicken bre ast on whole wheat sandwich thin with mustard

    Meal 4 Lean ham or turkey on whole wheat sandwich thin and veggies

    Meal 5 Cottage Cheese and fat free yogurt

    Meal 6 Cottage Cheese and an apple

  • Meal 1  Egg white omlette with lean ham and onion (no carbs as gives me a stitch when i work out)

    Meal 2  Protein shake and oatmeal

    Meal 3  WW wrap with chicken ***, pepper and zuchinni seasoned with cayjun pepper

    Meal 4  Protein pancakes (own recipe)

    Meal 5  Spicy tomato and prawn spaghetti

    Meal 6  Cottage cheese and apple

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  • A question...or now a concern:

    IN the book it's 3 shakes a day...pretty much. Is that not right? I can see you all only have 2 shakes a day...please, please tell me.


  • i am not a big fan of sweet foods, so i keep it down to only one shake per day.

    breakfast: 1 portion tilapia, 1 portion wild rice

    mid: 1 portion turkey "chili"

    lunch: 1 potato, 1 serving cottage cheese, 1 heapin' helping broccoli/asparagus

    mid: myoplex shake

    "dinner": 1 whole wheat wrap w/ turkey

    last: bison (6 oz), more broccoli

    i can't stand the thought of "sweet" foods like oatmeal and fruity and protien shakes and such. I always wished that someday, someone would invent a protein bar that was savory, not sweet... like  a crispy zone bar but flavored w/ spices, nuts, seeds, salt pepper and cayenne!  or rosemary and garlic!

  • Jaja-In my past experience having 3 shakes just didn't fill me up, the Myoplex lite shakes are only 180 so adding more whole foods to my diet satisfied my hunger better.  Looking at the Success Journal in which I didn't complete a challenge, I saw that I was having either 3 shakes or 2 shakes and a bar per day, I was somewhat hungry about 2 hrs after consuming those and then I would munch on stuff here and there and then eat too much at dinner...hence I was not successful.

    I think everyone is different and it may work for you, but keep a journal of some sort to see how you feel.

    Erica-those types of protein bars would definitely be different! Maybe you could send the idea to Abbott and they could start testing it! :) Kinda reminds me of the Willy Wonka movie and the flavored gum scene! Except we wouldn't turn into a giant blueberry! :)

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