Challenge 1 Completed!!!

  • You look amazing.  Thanks for posting your pics. Great inspiration for those of us working the program!!!!  I saw in your profile that you are a teacher.  I hope some of your students will be inspired.  I know obesity is crazy in children.  

  • Outstanding!!  I love the difference in your smile, that says it all!!  Nice, nice job!!

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  • Wow - that is amazing.  You look great!!!

  • Great job!  You look amazing!  Exactly the type of results I needed to see to help motivate me for my first challenge starting on May 23rd.  I hope more people will post results like yours to keep me going through my whole 12 weeks.  Thanks for shaing!  Really nice job.  Keep up the good work.

  • Your success has made me make my first post!  WOW....what a great job.  I have only being doing this for 5 weeks and your pictures have inspired me to know what I can achieve.

  • Amazing! Great job! I'll be posting mine next weekend. You've given me a great boost to kick ass this coming week!

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  • I truly am humbled by everyone's compliments. Thank you. I'm excited to start my second challenge next week. This week of AR has been killing me!! I can't wait to see what the next 12 weeks will bring....

  • WOW!!! You look GREAT! I'm even more excited to see what changes I can make in the last 5 weeks of my challenge. Way to go!!

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  • Wow!  You look great!  Congrats!  Thanks for posting. Success pictures always inspire me!

    runninggrl :)

  • As everyone else has said...CONGRATULATIONS!!!  It is truly unbelievable what you have accomplished!!!!  I'm in the first week of my first challenge and I fully intend on posting my pictures when I've completed.  I pray that I see the results that you have.  TRULY INSPIRING!!!  Gods blessings to you and your continued success.  :-))))))

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  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  • Congratulations! Awesome job! Very impressive results!!!! Right now I'm C1W12. I finish on Sunday. I lost some of my momentum as I had eye surgery in week 9 and couldn't do any heavy lifting for over a week. But I knew back at week 6 that I would need more time. Like you I am very pleased about the positive changes and taking charge. Best of luck on Challenge 2!!! Irene

  • I have to admit that I get a little choked up when people post these pictures.  WOW!  First Rachel earlier this week (I saw she posted on this thread GO GIRL) and now you, geogrfr1971!  It can't be overstated how inspiring it is for people who have been successful like this to share with those of us who are trying to follow in your footsteps.

    Dude, you look HOT!  Congrats!

  • You get Teacher of the Year Award from us BFL followers! Obviously you did all your homework and extra credit assignments. You schooled us all with how this should be done and the proof is in your results. Outstanding!!!      Curious: what are your students & coworkers saying about all this?  You must have insprired a few people around you just as you have on this forum.

    Thanks for sharing your success.


  • Thanks for your kind words, everyone!

    Kat, my coworkers noticed, especially near the end of the challenge, and some have asked me to help them do the same thing. But I teach middle schoolers and they are so self-absorbed ( I have 2 of my own!), they never noticed--or at least have not said anything to me. I think one asked me, "Are you tanning?" But thats it...hahhaa Of course being in a shirt and tie all day long can help obscure the most obvious changes.

    Thank you again for your generous words.