week 4

  • So, 3 days into week four. had a bit of a slip up earlier this week food wise, my power went out for almost two days, and most of my healthy food in the fridge went bad =/ so i had some fast food, which upset my body so much but i thought something would be better than no food (i dont have a car here at school to go get things =/). but this week has been hard, i feel like a lot of my motivation just disappeared, im not really seeing any more results, and its just starting to bug me. I dropped 7 pounds in the first week, 2-3 in the second, and since then not too much has happened. I hit a low point on monday with a loss of 11.5 lbs, but with my slip up on eating, gained a pound back. gained some inches in the right places, but having a really hard time seeing any measurement differences in my stomach waist and thighs. so its just getting kind of frustrating that the weight loss has slowed dramatically, and that im not losing inches where i want to. 


    Guess i'll go over my plan a bit to see if anyone can spot some problems

    sample food for a day

    meal1: breakfast burrito
    meal2: protein bar
    meal3: turkey sandwich on whole wheat, carrots
    meal4: protein shake
    meal5:chicken ***, potatoe, broccoli
    meal6: yogurt, piece of fruit
    and of course with water at each meal and in between

    workouts: upper body and lower body by the books, seeing improvements on weights i can handle, and definitely hitting my tens pretty much every day. Aerobics i use a stationary bike, and use the different resistance levels to correspond with my intensity levels (so in order from 5-10 intensity, my resistences are 5 7 9 11 13 15) and i definitely hit my ten every cardio, i can hardly walk after. I try and guage how good of a workout i get by the amound of distance i "travel" on the bike each workout. usually get around 5.8-6 miles in the 20 minutes. but that distance has been going up pretty steadily so i know where i need to get the next time in order to keep improving.


    i guess im just looking for a little explanation or help explaining why my results just kind of stopped after the first two weeks. I realize im gaining muscle mass and losing fat(hopefully, it doesnt show =/) and the weights counteract eachother, but i was just hoping for more, people on here around my time in the challenge have said they have lost a lot more so im just worried.


    thanks for the help, you guys are always there haha



  • Doing Great!!

    Keep up the good work! And NO WORRIES. I saw very little results at my week 4 mark. There are things going on, but be patient- soon all of the small changes will add up and you will be amazed!

    Stacy Lynn