Eating before workouts

  • My schedule tends to vary on my work days as opposed to my days off. On work days, it is easy to workout on an empty stomach because I get up at 4am and head out the door to the gym before work. On these days my first meal is at 6:30 on my way to work. My problem is on my days off. I generally take my kids to school at 8:30 and hit the gym right after. I have a cup of coffee before we leave but on these days my first actual meal isn't until around 9:30. Would it be better for me to try and eat a little something before taking them to school or is it ok to wait until after my workout? I do manage to still get my 6 meals in on those days, they just tend to be a little closer together. ( every 2 hrs or so as opposed to 3) Thanks-    Jen

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  • Jen-I would say if it's working for you then stay with what you are doing, especially if you can still get all the meals in.

    How is your strength during the workouts cause if you need a little boost, sometimes people will drink 1/2 a protein shake or eat 1/2 a protein bar prior to working out.

    I do all my workouts in the early morning without eating so I can't really tell you what is right or not, just that you need to do what works for you and it sounds like it's working for you! Best wishes to your success! :)

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  • Jen,

    My schedule is exactly like yours only my first meal is at 6 a.m.  Anyway, stick with it even on your days off.  How many hours apart are your meals?  If your first meal is at 9:30 a.m. on your days off, eat every 2 hours until you can get back to your normal scheduled end time for meals.  That's what I do on my days off.  As long as you are working out and eating authorized meals, I wouldn't think you'd have an issue with progress.

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  • Deb- I had a hard time the first few workouts without eating prior, but now I seem to do fine strength wise.

    Sharon- Eating every 2 hrs seems to work for me on my days off for the most part. I pack protein shakes and fruit with me so that I have something wherever we may end up.

    The only thing that can stop me. . . . . . . . . . is ME!!!!         JEN