My 12 Week Challenge

  • Reflecting on my first 12 week challenge. My challenge started the week of Thanksgiving. I listened to the audiobooks, wrote out my goals, then took my before photos. The amount of food on the WOE was more than enough. It felt like I was always eating! The cardio was easy enough to start and after a couple weeks, the weight training began to feel "normal" instead of "foreign". At week four, I took progress photos. Unfortunately, there were no noticeable differences to me and the scale remained the same. It was very frustrating, and I deleted all photos. Still, the exercising felt good and I was determined to continue the program. Week 8, exercising was still going well and I was noticing muscle definition, particularly in my quads and calves. I weighed in, and gained 2 pounds! Again frustrating, and some regrets about deleting all photos. Upon completing 12 weeks, although my goals were not met, there are noticeable differences. My weight is the same as it was in the beginning. I did not end up having the amazing transformation that I had hoped for and have seen in so many before and after photos. I will try again! I am grateful for BFL in that exercising has become a regular habit for me. Prior to the challenge, my eating was pretty clean but nowhere near the quantity of the BFL program. I am making slight changes to my WOE and believe I'm noticing a slight change in the right direction. My journey continues....
  • Hi there Jraeh,

    Well done on seeing through the 12 weeks, especially as you kept getting disappointed. I'm so glad you persevered to the end BECAUSE you kept you promise to yourself. You've peaked my interest in why you didn't get the results you wanted.. if you would like a second pair of eyes to look over your workouts and eating plan, I'm more than happy to try to help you find any flaws...

    Some of the questions I would need to know the answers to are:

    How much did you want to lose/gain?  Are you male of female? Have you read the original book? Do you understand the "High Point" principles in both your HIIT training and strength training? Are you drinking a gallon of water a day? What would a "days food intake look like?

    Cheers and all the best

    Ps/ When you start your next challenge - please come to the thread called "Calling All Lifers - Jan 6th Game Day" - big group of people all at various stages that can encourage, advise and support you!


  • Thank you very much for your support. I am reviewing my 12 weeks and have found a couple of areas I would like to try differently for my second challenge. First, I have joined a gym (month free trial to start) so my workouts are more consistent instead of working out at home. Second, I need to take measurements when starting. I have medical issues and am not able to drink a gallon of water a day but my diet is clean. I am 5'5" and weigh 176 lbs. Some of my goals were to exercise according to the bfl plan (accomplished!) gain muscle (which I accomplished!) drop 1 pant size ( work in progress) and lose 15 lbs. (work in progress).

    I will check in to the thread you recommended.

    Thank you again. :)