10 Weeks Progress Pictures

  • Week 10: I had a very strong week in the gym. In fact, at age 40, I am now doing things with that I have never been able to do previously.  My weight loss was the lowest of any week in challenge. I weighed in just 0.6 lbs less than the week before. I am okay with this! It was expected that there will be some weeks that the scale moves less because of the muscle I am gaining for the strength. With the 0.6 lbs loss, I dropped down into the 170s range at 179.4. lbs.This brings my total weight loss to 15.6 lbs.

    This means I am now probably in the "Final 10" range, when weight tends to come off slower. I know that I will bot be ripped two weeks from now (but I can still make a ton of progress), and I am also okay with that. Because I know that if I just keep doing what I am doing that I will get there. Any that over the course of these first 12 weeks I will have made a dramatic positive change in my body and my life.

    I would like to give a shout out to  for her tremendous progress over 9 weeks. She is also posting weekly pictures. I strongly recommend doing it as it is a great way to keep yourself accountable and get a reality check of your progress.  

    Start December 2nd, 2013 at 195.0

    10 Weeks Progress on February 10th at 179.4 lbs. 


  • Hey there Dan!

    Keep on Keeping on! The last two weeks should really pop those muscles out - LIFT HEAVY! Cheers!


  • WTG Dan, you improving a great deal, hang in there end of the tunnel in sight soon!

  • Great Job!  Finish strong!

  • You are going to see major changes the next few weeks, keep up the good work, not long now!!!!

    Focus on how far you have come, not about how far you have to go.

  • Way to go, Dan. Keep going, and stay strong. You're doing great.

  • Nicely done.  At the end of 12 weeks, prepare for a long flat-line with hard-to-notice results.  I'm 3 years younger than you but same story...went from 195 down to 180 in the first 12 weeks, and now I flux between 176 and 179 and have been for a long time.  However, I bought new suits at the end of twelve weeks, and they are already getting loose 6 weeks later!  I'm seeing a little more definition in places too, although the gut is hard to clear....getting better though.

    I will tell you that, based on the advice of a good friend, I changed something recently that seems to be making a difference.  I was eating less than 1800 calories a day and just busting my ass with weights, but especially with cardio.  I suspected and my friend confirmed that I was burning off muscle just as quick as I was putting it on.  He suggested beefing up food intake and carbs especially on weight training days with the idea that the added muscle will help the metabolism.  Not only was this a relief, but it does seem to be helping me to burn that stubborn fat.  He then said, once I've built up quite a bit of mass, trim the diet and hit the cardio hard.  The combination of the muscle and the diet should cut everything up.  Anyway, congrats on your progress and congrats on posting these pics....I wish I had done that in the beginning.

  • Great advice Stephen. My plan is to continue what I am doing through the 12 weeks and then take a serious look at boosting my protein intake and changing up my exercise routine. I feel like this 12 weeks is about creating the blank canvas while getting healthy, and the next 12 is about bulking up a bit while lowering BMI to reveal abbs.