4 weeks completed and my progress

  • I have just completed 4 weeks on body for life. I have lost 3 pounds on the scale, 13 inches total, and only 1/2 a percent of body fat. I'm disappointed in the body fat percentage, I thought I would've lost more. Is this normal the first 4 weeks to drop just a little in body fat percentage?

  • I just finished my first four weeks and went from 21 to 19.6 percent bodyfat. How are you measuring? I'm measuring using the AccuMeasure skin calipers where you pinch a skinfold on your stomach. Now for me, the stomach will probably be the last to go so it may not show a ton of difference in BF% right away. What I can tell you however is to trust the process. I know the program is working because of how I feel, how my clothes are fitting and how I look in pics.

  • Always look at the positives, you have lost 13 inches & 3 pounds, well done, I'm sure if you stick at it you will get the results you are looking for.

    My success is your success.

  • Hi Corndog!

    Changes are good, any changes.... measurements, how many body points do you measure at? I measure the following:


    Above boobs


    under boobs


    belly button

    pooch (fattest part looking down - my pooch is bigger than bbutton

    bum (bikini line)

    top of thigh each leg

    middle of thigh each leg

    bicep each arm

    I hope you are doing all of these, and if you aren't please start now - I think you read the "Paper towel theory", the changes happen all over the body and it's hard to "see" but the tape measure confirms it..

    how you are feeling, clothes etc... Not sure if you've done a challenge before,,, but stay the course - you won't be disappointed. If you haven't already looked at this..  (Ladies Success Document) please have a look for a bit of encouragement..


    6 pound scale loss?

    By: Mike Harris

    This was a response to a lady who was stressed about not losing many pounds in Scale Weight..... 6.2 pounds doesn’t sound like much weight loss unless of course you are adding some muscle at the same time. What would tell you whether you were gaining muscle or not is whether you are lifting heavier weights than you did when you started, and whether you have lost inches around the waist and hips.

    If it appears that this is all you have lost so far, you still could end up with a 10 pound loss by week 12 because good things often take place toward the end.


    One of the things you might need to look at is your food, both the amounts you are eating and whether you are eating little unspoken treats.

    I used to work with a lady who would go out to our table where the 400 calorie bagels were, and she would take 1/2 a bagel, cut that into fourths, and take just one piece of that and put a little cream cheese on it and leave the table. Good, right? Well, in 10 minutes, she would be back, and would do the very same thing with another 1/8 of a bagel. By the end of the morning, she would eat the whole damned bagel, plus a lot more cream cheese than she ever realized she was! FOr her, it didn’t seem like she was eating that much if she did it by nibbles.

    Well, it’s a lot like that for those of us who are around offices where nearly every counter or table top has some kind of a little candy dish or jar, or where there’s always birthday cake or "free" whatevers in the break room. If we can’t pass up those dishes and those freebies, we can easily hurt our challenge without ever even realizing it. I talked to a lady one time who was deeply hurt when I suggested she had to be cheating somehow on her meals, and she sent me her exact menu, which clearly was excellent.

    Four Chocolate Kisses Finally, though, when she decided she needed to lose fat more than she needed to feel sorry for herself, she admitted that after every one of these "teeny weeny little meals" as she called them, she was having her little "guilty pleasure," which was "just four chocolate kisses." Well, assuming she was finally telling me the truth, I ran the math and she was stunned–so was I to tell you the truth! Each chocolate kiss has 25 calories, so she was eating 600 calories of chocolate kisses every day, which amounts to 4200 a week, or over 50,000 calories during her 12 week challenge, which meant that there were 14.5 pounds that she HAD NOT LOST that she would have had she not eaten the chocolate kisses.

    NUTRITION CHECK! xxxxxx, I’m NOT saying you’re doing anything wrong–I’m just asking you to look at absolutely everything you’re putting into your mouth, if you’re adding fruit to shakes, or if you’re putting creamer in your coffee, or eating life savers or chewing regular gum–anything at all, take a look and see if some of those could be tripping you up. If that’s not the problem, it could be the meal sizes. Most meals for most ladies are only going to be about 250 calories at most. That’s not much, but if you’re eating 6 times a day, that’s a 1500 calorie a day diet, which should provide for moderate weight loss.

    If nothing sticks out at you, just finish up this challenge and see if the last couple of weeks are good for you, you might be really surprised!

    All the best!


  • The only place I did not measure day 1 and the end of my 4 weeks was my neck. I actually lost an inch in each arm, an inch in each upper thigh, and 1/2 inch in each lower thigh. My stomach I lost 4 inches, and 2 1/2 off my hip area. The 3 lbs off the scale didn't bother me, it was more the lack of my body fat percentage not dropping very much. I actually do work at an office, and they have parties there a lot, but I keep to the food I bring with me to work and I don't touch anything they bring. I will start watching my portion size, I may be eating to big of portions and I'm not realizing it.

  • Good for you! 4" off your waist is great stuff!

    It's really hard when you work where there is lots of "baddies" - off plan food - so power to you for resisting - thats awesome!

    When you say the BF% not dropping, how are you measuring that? Just curious as I've never done that in any challenges - is it calipers or one of those electronic scales??? I'm a little confused thats all, if you are dropping inches your BF% has to be changing.... thanks :)


  • Don't get discouraged. Your progress is GREAT! 13 inches and 3 pounds is a lot in 4 weeks!....Some people don't lose ANYTHING, inches or pounds until week 8 or 9...Give yourself a chance and don't quit! 12 weeks in comparison to your whole life is nothin'! I lost about what you did in 4 weeks and then I just STOPPED losing weight/inches. then this week I just started to lose again! Our bodies are CRAZY sometimes! don't give up!

  • aussie-Debs I used one of those electronic body fat measuring machines. That is what the gym used on me when  I started, and then again at 4 weeks. I think I  am going to purchase some of the calipers to see the difference.

    PushThePace where did you purchase your calipers at?

    theorchid33 Thanks for the motivation.  I am going to try something different this week, I have been working out in the afternoons since I have to be at work at 6:30 in the morning, and my gym did not open up in time for me to do morning workouts. They just opened a new location though that opens at 4 in the morning not to far from my job so I'm going to try to do my workouts in the morning and see if there is a big difference.

  • Just finished week 4 myself. Down a few pounds. I work nights and can't seem to get in 6 meals a day. I try to keep small meals in my works car, but this can be a challenge. Intake of water is also a problem. Hard to drink water on the cold nights. I also need a way to take measurements. I did not do that in the beginning, only weight. Clothes are starting to fit better.

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  • Corndog, I purchased my Calipers off of eBay. Just search for Accumeasure, that's the brand most people use and the one Bill mentions in the BFL book.