Appointment With Endocrinologist Went Well!

  • I just got home from a referral appointment with an endocrinologist with regards to low testosterone test results I got a few months ago at the start of my challenge.

    For those that have been following my writing you know that my goals for this 12-week round are less about weight loss (I have loss 15 lbs through first 9 weeks) and more about bringing my blood sugar, cholesterol, and testosterone levels into proper range. None of them were way out of whack, but had reached a point that they were a concern that needed to be addressed. 

    All a long I have been confident that completing the challenge would correct my blood sugar and cholesterol levels, but was uncertain of how it would affect testosterone.

    I'm happy to report that because of the progress I have made so far during the challenge, the appointment went extremely well! The doctor explained that extra weight lowers testosterone, and so does interrupted sleep ( I have a 2-year old). Exercise, proper nutrition, and losing body fat helps raise testosterone.  

    Basically the doctor said, "Keep doing what you are doing. At this time there is no reason for you to go on a testosterone booster. We will re-test your levels when you complete your 12-weeks, but I believe everything will likely be fine." 

    He was also impressed with my 9 Weeks Progress Pictures

  • Good stuff mate! Keep it up!


  • That's good news Dan! I hear so often of health issues where Doctors want to prescribe meds get "cured" by basic healthy eating and physical activity. In my opinion, a much better solution! You are the master of that machine! Keep treating it well, and giving it it's maintenance! :)