8 Week Progress Pics - This week was hard

  • Hey friends,

    I'll just come right out and say that this week was HARD. Just as Bill tells it, "Life's challenges inevitably WILL happen", and OH did they happen this week. I did expect that at some point, I wouldn't have the same "fire" that I had in the beginning and I did plan for that moment, but I wasn't waiting around for it to happen. I was focused on my goals and for many reasons, this week, I struggled. I was hungry, tired and grumpy and I didn't drink as much water and probably drank too many sugar-free monsters and I was stressed about other personal things! I didn't plan my meals every single day, I wasn't super pumped about my workouts and I pinched a nerve today in my lower back that is causing me a lot of pain. A crummy end to a crummy week.

    But here's what I am really proud of...and why I believe that I have changed for life....Instead of quitting because I slipped a few times or didn't put "my all" into it, instead of getting down on myself and telling myself I'm worthless...I realized something...I said to myself, "LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE ACCOMPLISHED GIRL! You went to the gym today even though you didn't really want to, you haven't missed a single workout for 8 WEEKS, you've lost 21" of fat, you have lost 11 scale pounds in just two months! you completely changed the way you eat. YOU ARE DOING AN AMAZING JOB! and you should be proud of that. This is YOURS now and it's apart of you, for life!"

    and it is...I want to do this for the rest of my life because even if I'm not doing it perfectly or even if I don't win a competition, I am making PROGRESS. I am winning the competition of MY OWN LIFE!

    I hope this helps someone that might feel down on themselves for not doing this program perfectly the entire 12 weeks. Just know that sometimes, even when you see your own incredible results and everyone is telling you what a great job you are doing, it is still normal to doubt that it's all worth it. I'm learning that...Slowly. It's okay. Forgive yourself and get back on track. The thing that Bill talks about in the book that has helped me SO MUCH is when he tells us to look at the promise to do this for ourselves, as important as a wedding VOW. I look at this journey as though it is just as important as my wedding vows to my husband. And do you think my marriage is perfect? No way! But my vows to stay faithful to my husband are SO important to me. Anyway, here's my 8 week progress pics. Getting back on the positive vibes train...Week 9! WOO!

  • Woohoo! You go girl! Yes you are doing it and doing it very well even though you had a shitty week! Your changes are quite incredible! I was wondering about you and you were going last night and I was going to send a shout out this morning (still morning here) - YOU SHOULD BE SO DAMN PROUD OF YOURSELF! YOU ROCK!

    Ps/ No one is perfect, life isn't perfect, *** always happens - you did the best you could do and that's all you can ask of yourself!


  • one word - outstanding.

    My success is your success.

  • Thanks for that, I needed to read your post today. I am on week 4, and I had my first slip up yesterday on my eating, my free days are on Saturday. As a result of that my stomach did not agree with what I ate, and I have been severely ill all day, and I can not stand up for long without my stomach cramping. I have been bummed all day, because I can not do my cardio session today. I've been mentally struggling with my mess up yesterday and not doing my workout today. It has really helped to know that you have struggled this week, but you have still had amazing results. Thank you for helping me know it's ok that I messed up.

  • Ps/ Where about in the setting is it that the most recent post shows first? I can't find the dang thing?

    Corndog! Try not to be too hard on yourself honey.... Drink as much water as you can to keep it moving out and don't strain yourself if you have cramps. We all usually do it at least once (some many times...), at least you know how it makes you feel now.. just think, you were living that way a short time ago.. Chin up! It's done, it's passed, eat clean, drink water, get rest and learn from it and when your body feels better - hit harder than ever before!



  • Your honesty and your results are truly inspiring. I too had a difficult week last week but persevered. At some point in the near future I want to do a post titled "We All Feel Fat Some Days." There have been at least a half of dozen days in my 9 weeks were I just plane felt fat and that I was not making enough progress quick enough. The thing is I kept going all of those days and they quickly lead to a day where I felt great and could appreciate the progress I had and am still going to make. You are doing great!

  • Just.Keep.Going! You are on the right path! Right on target, both physically, and mentally. FIND YOUR STRONG and move forward THIS is where so many quit. The voices get loud these weeks. Shut them down, and show them how amazing you are!! YOU GOT THIS GIRL!! You are on the home stretch! YA HOO!!

  • You are doing AMAZING!  Great work so far.

  • Thanks for posting the photos and inspirational message Orchard33, way to go and Keep Moving Forward. When the going gets tought,  ....the tough get up and get going!!!

  • Your post was inspiring. I'm spite of a crappy week, you managed to get through it and keep going. Hope your back feels better!

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    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • Wow what a difference 8 weeks can make.  Yes you can struggle but the end result is well worth it.  Week 8 is when it all starts to really pay off, I can't wait to see your week 12 after shots, you are going to rock!!!

    Focus on how far you have come, not about how far you have to go.

  • As you said, struggles are natural, but your results are awesome!  Keep up the good work,

  • You are doing awesome!!!!!!!! Great job!!

  • You're so inspiring! You're doing such a great job!

  • Hey there rockstar!

    What's happening? How's the last 4 days been? How's your head? Going strong or struggling?