9 Weeks Progress Pictures

  • Week 9 was a challenging, yet rewarding. Because my 2-year old daughter is fighting a cold and keeping us up at night, not once did I workout first thing in the morning. Instead my workouts were done at various times throughout the day, but they were all completed.

    Highlights for the week:

    • I changed my weight routines back to what I did during the first four weeks. Only this time I was able to add weight to nearly every exercise including  20 lbs to the incline bench press. 
    • I finally started to get some compliments. Although they were my wife, mom, and mother-in-law, having others outside of forum notice my progress felt great. 
    • I lost 1.2 lbs this week. My total is now an even 15.0 lbs. I started at 195.0 lbs and am now down to 180 lbs.
    • I put on a medium T-shirt and it comfortably fits. 

    Start Pictures on December 2nd at 195.0 lbs

    9 Weeks Progress on February 3rd at 180.0 lbs 

  • Doing Great! I can really see inches lost in your mid section and your arms are really getting toned!! WOOHOO!!!

  • Wow, Great work you can see it in the photos and your smile of confidence, Hang in there and I am sure you will finish in great form.

  • good work, you can see you getting smaller by the week.

    My success is your success.

  • EXCELLENT STUFF DAN! The back shot, even more alignment going on than last weeks pics! Woop! That tummy sure is disappearing too! You got through last weeks challenges (normal life isn't it) BUT you carried on and look at you now! Woop!