• For some of you who have been around this forum for years, I have a question. From the first time I did the challenge, I've been wondering about champions posing in their "after" pictures. I was reading up on challenge tips yesterday, and the article said to just stand with your arms at your side, and no posing. It seems to me that most of the people that have won the challenge do pose in their after pictures.And in the same article, it said to practice poses now, when you're just starting, so you are prepared for your "after" pictures.This has always confused me, and I'm wondering if any of you have seen information on this subject on the forums, or from BFL.

  • That's a contradiction isn't it! I've never seen an after shot where the person was just standing there, that's rubbish! Start working your moves girl!

    This is what Mike said about it in his Finishing week 12 the right way blog.....

    PICTURES: If you can afford a pro, by all means do it. If you are thinking of having a family member do them, that will work, unless the person is not a patient person. IF THAT IS THE CASE, USING A TRIPOD (UNDER $20 AT WAL MART) AND THE TIMER ON YOUR CAMERA WILL SAVE YOU A HASSLE FOR SURE. Practice flexing in the mirror before you go to take them, because you won’t have a mirror in front of you to see how the muscles and poses look. Flex hard! Yes, it can change the expression on your face, but practice until you can make that painful expression look like a grin! Skin color is important to show contrasts and striations, so get a tan or use a skin colorant. Use a bit of PAM for a slight sheen, but don’t douse yourself in baby oil. The "wet" look is kinda out these days!


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  • We're allowed to send in an extra shot along with the before and after for front and back.  They might be publishing in some cases the extra.  

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