C2WK4 Progress Pics 44YO Male

  • Hey, all,

    So the first four weeks have come and gone, here are some side-by-sides of my progress so far:

    I am not as filled with misery as I appear to look in those photos! :)

    Starting Weight 236

    Wk 4 Weight 223

    Loss of 13 pounds (and two belt notches). 

  • OMG.

    Look at you go!! I see all kinds of change from head to toe!!

    4 weeks!?! Hell you have 8 more to go! You are going to look like a different man by then!

    INCREDIBLE focus! High 5!

  • Way to go!  Great progress so far!  You are doing awesome.  Keep up the good work!!

  • So serious improvement here for just 4 weeks,  Keep Moving Forward and checking those photos, journal entries, and old clothing mesurements for further progress results as well. remember the scale is just one of the tools of results, measurements are another way to tell as well.

  • Nice work! Keep going! You got this!

  • Great stuff! Well done! Look at how your spine is straightening up in the back shot! How many inches off your waist? Big mover by the looks! Keep on Keeping!


  • You have made tremendous improvement in your first four weeks. I bet it went buy quicker than you expected. Keep up the great work and your 12-week pictures will show a true transformation.  

  • you can tell the difference, if you keep it up in 12 weeks you'll look amazing, and if you keep it up after 12 weeks i'm sure you will do amzingly. all credit to you stickyd.

    My success is your success.