• Today is C1W5D1, for me.

    And I am stoked!!!

    I initually lost about 18 pounds the first 2 1/2 weeks.

    Then week 3 gained 4 pounds.

    End of week 4 lost 4 pounds.

    I started challenge at 238 pounds, and now under 220 as of yesterday C1W4D7.

    There have been a few slip ups food wise. Portion sizes grew a little week 3, but man, I was starving at 5th meal time consistently.

    When I planned week 4, I saw a need to eat cleaner, and keep the portion sizes consistent - after reviewing week three.

    So, week 5, starting today, again, is about eating clean, portion size, and all of the 6 meals.

    Today is UBWO.

    I started the challenge w/ 35# dumbbells for 4 set, 6 reps.

    I am doing 75 pound dumbbells today!

    Still got 20 more pounds to lose!

    My lean mass weight plus 10 percent body fat is going to put me somewhere between 190 to 200 pounds!


    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Congratulations Terry on your success!!  My husband and I are on week 5 as well.  He's lost 15 lbs.

    me just 5 but I'm  not discouraged!  I've seen other changes.  My husband like you have some

    problems with the eating.  He was

    starved too.  However, with my encouragement and making his meals everyday he's getting better.

    Have you tried the EAS Myoplex bars?  They are super delicious and the bars will satisfy the sugar

    carvings!   Keep rockin' the BFL out, you on your way.....

    Blessed by Him,


    Blessed by Him,  Michelle'

  • Way to go Terry!  You are going to rock this!!  I can't wait for your end results!  You are doing great!