Week 6 Progress Pictures

  • Hi BFLers! So I completed week 6 and I'm feeling great. If you follow my progress you remember that at the end of week 5, I wasn't feeling so great. I was retaining water and had major bloat from pms. I hadn't seen a lot of progress in week 5 because of that and it was a bit discouraging...BUT, I didn't let that stop me from doing my workouts, hitting 10's each day and eating right. Making the choice to continue and change for life no matter what happens in my life has given me strength in so many other aspects of my life. My confidence is building and not just because my body is looking better! My weight loss and body building goals are the ONE thing in my life that I have complete control over...It's "mine" and no one else!

    Here is my front, side and back picture comparison from day one, to week 6. I lost  2.5 inches this week total and exactly 1 pound. I have lost 8.4 lbs. to date (scale weight) and 20.9 inches to date. :) Feels awesome.

    Also, I colored my hair lighter this week. I thought it was fitting since I'm getting "lighter" in body and mind every day!

    A BETTER picture of my new hair....

    And what I'm PROUD of this week: My Biceps!

  • DANG!!!!  Look at You!!!  Looking great Orchid, half way there!!


  • Your progress is truly inspirational. The side view of your stomach is amazing, but the biggest change I see is in your face. Your 12 week results are going to be awesome!

  • Fantastic work!

  • Awesome changes and you're only half way through. You still got another half of the challenge to go to really bring this transformation full circle! Keep it up!!!

  • Wonderful accomplishments,  keep up the good work the best is yet to happen. You should be very proud of what you have done so far.  Keep Moving Forward!!! WTG

  • Looking Great!!!  Keep up your amazing transformation.

    2011 Men's Body-for-LIFE Champion "endure... inspire... body for life!"

  • I keep looking at these pictures. You are a few weeks ahead of me and you are such a motivation to me. Thank you for posting these pics. I keep thinking I am seeing changes already in week #2 and then I think no, it cant be. Not this soon---but maybe I am. And if I am--well then I really cant wait to see what next week brings, and the week after!!! This program is GREAT!

  • Thank you Everyone!!!

    IWillGetFit,  your words inspire me...TO KEEP GOING. Knowing that my success helps you, HELPS ME! Thanks so much. The changes happen slowly, but what you are seeing is CHANGE! Don't doubt it! I look forward to see your progress and success!

  • Wow!  Awesome progress so far!  You should be very happy and proud for sticking with it through the not feeling so good stage.  Keep it up!  Also, Love the hair!!  


  • Great work! Huge changes already! Hitting 10's and eating right will keep you on this winning path - you are a very pretty lady and are going to knock everyone over at 12 weeks! Go Girl!


  • Wow you look great. I just finished my 2nd week, and I'm feeling good. You just have me the motivation to push it even harder now. Thanks

  • Wow, good job. I hope I make as good progress as you.